Control Device anneals bandsaw blades.

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Designed to minimize number of broken and returned blades, AC-200 Two-Stage Weld/Anneal Control ramps blade up to desired temperature during first stage and maintains temperature throughout second stage. User can make adjustments to settings or stop cycle at any time during process. Able to control voltage during welding process, control allows for more heat during weld cycle, yielding consistent welds and preventing degradation and failure of mechanical switching.

Original Press Release:

New Product to Help Anneal Consistently Strong Bandsaw Blades

T. L. Fahringer Company, a world leader in bandsaw blade welders and accessories, has created an anneal control device for annealing bandsaw blades that is a substantial improvement over other existing solutions.

The AC-200 Two-Stage Weld/Anneal Control allows customers to increase weld strength, consistency and production while reducing the number of broken and returned blades.

According to a Fahringer spokesperson, Tom Fahringer, "Previous bandsaw blade welding products have relied on expensive closed loop pyrometer control devices, which are very expensive and hard to control, or on cumbersome open loop anneal control devices which are confusing to set up and operate and provide inconsistent welds". With only four settings to input, T. L. Fahringer has designed the AC-200 with simplicity and ease of use in mind while still providing consistently strong welds.

In the first stage of the annealing process, the AC-200 ramps the blade up to the desired temperature and maintains that temperature throughout the second stage. The user can make adjustments to the settings or even stop the cycle at any time during the process.

Another advantage to the AC-200 is that it also controls voltage during the welding process. This allows for more heat during the weld cycle, yielding stronger and more consistent welds and preventing the degradation and eventual failure of the mechanical switching present in many resistance welders.

Stop by booth 20160 at the AWFS show in Las Vegas, July 18 - July 21, 2007 and learn how adding an AC-200 weld/anneal control to an existing Fahringer or Stryco flashbutt welder will improve your bandsaw blade welding business.

You can also visit T. L. Fahringer Companies website at to view the AC-200.

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