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Contractor Lift moves 450 lb loads vertically up to 17 ft.

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Contractor Lift moves 450 lb loads vertically up to 17 ft.

Feb 01, 2012 - Featuring stowed height of 62 ¾ in., Model 2416 is equipped with stabilizer legs and 4 mast sections that extend or lower as user cranks lift winch. Reversible fork can be fitted with fork extensions, pipe cradles, or 24 x 28 in. steel tray. Inside-mast cable feed keeps cable out of operator's face, while pulley guards prevent load cables from coming off during transport. Positioned behind winch assembly and at bottom of unit, wheels enable user to lay lift down and roll it into vehicle.

Sumner Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Houston, TX

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Sumner Manufacturing Announces New 2416 Contractor Lift

Press release date: Jan 25, 2012

Sumner Manufacturing, the industry leader in pipe and material handling equipment, announces new compact 2416 Contractor Lift for mechanical contractors.

Houston, TX - Sumner Manufacturing introduces the new compact 2416 Contractor Lift for mechanical contractors to quickly and easily move loads of 450 lbs. (200 kg) up to 17 feet (5.1 m) vertically with forks reversed. The 2416 extends upon Sumner's popular 2412 Contractor Lift, but adds an extra mast and stabilizer legs, enabling users to lift more weight higher.

"The 2416 lift is perfect for any mechanical contractor looking for a compact, portable lift intended for one-man use on the job site," states National Sales Manager, Brendan Conway. "It easily fits in most vans, SUVs and truck beds. Like all Sumner lifts, the 2416 has an inside-mast cable feed to keep cable out of the operator's face, and pulley guards that prevent load cables from coming off during transport. HVAC contractors, industrial maintenance contractors, electrical contractors, steel erectors and facility maintenance managers will all find the 2416 Contractor Lift ideal for any lifting task."

The 2416 utilizes four mast sections that extend or lower as the user cranks the lift winch and, like the 2412 Contractor Lift, a reversible fork that can be fitted with optional fork extensions, pipe cradles or a 24-inch by 28-inch steel tray. The 2416 features a double-handle at the top of the lift for easy maneuverability and casters that swivel independently for multi-directional positioning. Winch handles are detachable and wheels are positioned behind the winch assembly and at the bottom of the unit to enable laying the lift down and easily wheeling it into a vehicle. Both lift legs and stabilizer legs reposition and lock into place for compact storage. Plunger pins are used with the front leg lock mechanisms and forks eliminating extra hardware that can easily be lost. Lockable front casters keep the lift stationary while in use.

The 2416 weighs only 243 lbs. (110.2 kg) and has a stowed height of 62-3/4" (159 cm). The maximum footprint of the 2416 with stabilizer legs extended is 48 inches (122 cm) by 55-1/4 inches (140 cm). With front and stabilizer legs in stowed position the 2416 footprint reduces to 23 inches (58 cm) by 26-3/8 inches (67 cm).

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