Contract and Rebate Solution offers real-time tracking.

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Amphire Reconcile(TM) streamlines workflow by enabling trading partners to collaborate online, in real time, to create, store, edit, and manage contracted prices and rebates to ensure transactional and contractual compliance. Hosted, web-based solution is centered on dynamic, flexible XML-based repository and built on secure transaction compliance engine that allows reconciliation and matching of contract terms with actual transactions.

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Amphire Introduces Contract and Rebate Solution with Real-Time Tracking

Amphire Reconcile(TM) Reduces Time and Costs Associated with Ensuring Compliance, Improves Profitability

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Sept. 19 / -- Amphire(R) Solutions today introduced Amphire Reconcile(TM), its hosted, web-based solution that ensures compliance of contracts and rebates between trading partners and streamlines workflow for greater profitability.

With Amphire Reconcile, trading partners collaborate online -- in real time -- to create, store, edit and manage contracted prices and rebates to ensure transaction and contractual compliance.

"Contract and rebate management has long been a thorn in the side to all participants in the supply chain," said Mark Barnekow, president and CEO. "We have built Reconcile on top of Amphire's industry-leading order management applications, thereby providing a solution to our customers that helps them manage compliance within the real-time flow of transacting business, rather than through costly, after-the-fact audits."

"By reducing the cost of contract and rebate management across the supply chain and highlighting issues before they become problems, Reconcile enables all participants in the Amphire Community to operate more profitably and with greater customer satisfaction," Barnekow said.

Amphire Reconcile is centered on a dynamic and flexible XML-based repository, allowing easy creation, storage and retrieval of complex contract information. The solution is built on a secure, powerful transaction compliance engine that allows real-time reconciliation and matching of contract terms with actual transactions, ensuring complete compliance to the terms of the agreement. Below are other key capabilities of Amphire Reconcile:

-- Ensures a collaborative, best-practice approach to contract creation and adherence to sales and purchase approval processes

-- Flags compliance exceptions in real-time, allowing problems to be handled immediately, not weeks or months later

-- Manages rebates by monitoring purchases and sales against commitments

-- Helps eliminate costly pricing audit processes

-- Enables Sarbanes-Oxley compliance by matching revenue recognition to real-time performance data

Amphire Reconcile is the latest offering in a complete set of on-demand solutions for effective supply-chain management. Other recent offerings include product information management and data synchronization systems that contain impressive data security features and are able to connect to the variety of systems and formats in which product information is stored. Partners in the distribution industry use Amphire solutions, generating a transaction volume of 10B annually.

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