Contour Measuring System allows 2D and 3D measurements.

Press Release Summary:

Model PS200 Profile Scanner visualizes surface shape, which helps to obtain tangible information on function behavior of workpieces. Optical laser measuring technology provides probing up to 50 mm/s, capturing data quantity of up to 7,000 points/probing and up to 2,000 probings/surface. Integrated stray light sensors allow measurement angles up to 85°. XY stage has measuring range of 200 mm in X and Y directions. Linear guideways offer straightness accuracy of 2 µm/200 mm.

Original Press Release:

Profile Scanner PS200 Contour Measuring System Delivers High Accuracy and Improved Inspection Process

MINNEAPOLIS, September 4, 2002 - Carl Zeiss IMT Corporation today introduced the Profile Scanner PS200 at IMTS '02 (Booth # 4501), a new high precision optical measuring instrument from TSK for 2D/3D contour measurement and analysis. High data density makes the PS200 particularly productive for semiconductor, rubber, formed and elastic components, and paper or textiles applications.

PS200 acquires a multitude of surface features reliably by visualizing the surface shape, which helps to obtain tangible information on the function behavior of workpieces. This allows the user to perform 3D surface measurements with high speed and accuracy. Black parts such as rubber components can now be measured without any restriction.

The optical laser measuring technology of the PS200 speeds up the entire process of contour profile scanning with high-speed probing up to 50 mm/s, capturing a data quantity of up to 7,000 points/probing and up to 2,000 probings/surface. This corresponds to 14 million coordinate points. In addition, integrated stray light sensors allow measurement angles of up to 85°.

The PS200 uses a highly accurate XY stage with a measuring range of 200mm in the X and Y directions for fast and precise 3D measurement of workpieces. The linear guideways in X and Y offer a straightness accuracy of 2µm/200mm.

Its modular design allows the PS200 to be adapted quickly and easily to different applications. PS200 offers a wide variety of objective lenses with measuring ranges between 0.5 and 35mm. The five different lens systems make it a highly flexible and universal system.

3D Profiles are displayed in the 3DF analysis window. Various options are available for the three-dimensional visualization of surface characteristics:

o Illustration in the form of photo simulation, false color, network, contour lines and profiles
o Zooming, rotating and tilting of the topography
o Profile selection for contour analysis.

The 2D contour analysis window shows the contour profiles (sections) selected from the 3D scan. It offers:

o Manual or automatic evaluation of elements such as radius, distance, angle, best-fit circle and regression line
o 10.000.000x zooming
o Simultaneous processing of profiles

Nominal/actual comparisons are possible on the basis of CAD data, for example, both on 2D and 3D profiles. Custom reporting enables the operator to create hardcopy documentation according to user requirements.

PS 200 is available with the Windows NT based TIMS software for
measurement and analysis.

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