Continental Resources Features Keysight Technologies Test Equipment for Next Generation RF / Microwave Product Development

Continental Resources (ConRes) Test and Measurement Division features Keysight Technology's (formerly Agilent) signal analyzers (spectrum analyzers), network analyzers, and signal generators for next generation RF/microware product development. The advanced test equipment supports design and test of RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit), MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit), RF SiP (System-in-Package) and RF modules at circuit, board and system levels. Demand for increasingly mobile solutions drives new products with increasing substrate layer counts, smaller and more complex form factors, and closer design proximities continues to make designs ever more challenging. Keysight test equipment and its sophisticated modeling and simulation software enables product designers to test and verify designs from simulation through production, speeding time-to-market and earning OEMs significant first-to-market financial and market share rewards.

According to ConRes Test Measurement Division Vice President Jim Keady, "Our clients benefit from the partnership between ConRes and Keysight. They stand to make accelerated time-to-market and significant productivity advantages gained from Keysight's innovative tools for design, simulation and verification. And gain significantly reduced capital expenditures and increased responsiveness to market and product mix changes from our very attractive lease pricing for the test equipment, software and support."

Pricing Availability

ConRes has Keysight signal analyzers (spectrum analyzers), network analyzers, and signal generators calibrated and with full accessory packages for rent and lease. Pricing depends on factors including length of contract, number of units, options, and support requirements. Depending on how you use the equipment, some plans may be more advantageous to you than others. ConRes offers you both choice and flexibility. Talk to one of our experts today at 866-417-1413, or email for a review of the financing and support alternatives available to you.

About ConRes

Continental Resources (ConRes) is a founder in the test equipment rental business. Our test and measurement division rents, sells and leases test equipment -- from oscilloscopes and analyzers, to wireless communications testers, field test and general purpose instruments. It is an authorized partner of industry leaders including Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, Keithley, and Keysight Technologies.

When looking for test equipment, IT solutions, professional services, or specialized, custom-built computer-controlled devices, our customers and clients rely on the experts at ConRes for solutions that maximize solution integrity and reduce total cost of ownership. Combining over 50 years of high tech know-how and financial stability, ConRes is an accomplished ally for companies seeking to strengthen their return on technology investments.

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