Continental Girbau Debuts Folding & Stacking Equipment

Continental Girbau Inc. recently introduced a full complement of linen handling equipment, including the FL-LITE multi-lane flatwork folder, the AP-LITE drop stacker, and the FT-LITE drywork folder. Thanks to these new linen handling products, higher-volume laundry facilities, such as casinos, hotels, athletic facilities, healthcare operations and convention centers can successfully achieve improved productivity and quality, while lowering labor costs.

The FL-LITE Flatwork Folder quickly and efficiently folds a variety of flat goods including sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins. The FL-LITE can also fold duvets and bedspreads thanks to a blade-assisted cross fold that is adaptable to item thickness. The folder offers ease of use and adjusts to specific needs - performing up to two primary folds on one or two equal lanes and cross folds on one middle lane, with an optional third primary fold. The FT-LITE is adaptable to work with most ironers on the market and utilizes an advanced touch-screen control that enables 20 program options to fit specific folding requirements. Delivering processing speeds of up to 164 feet per minute, the FL-LITE can significantly boost laundry productivity-especially when used in conjunction with a Continental Pro-Series Heated Chest Ironer and AP-LITE dropplate stackers.

The AP-LITE Drop Stacker features an effective flap-drop system and an upper belt for exceptional stacking quality. Specifically designed to work with the FL-LITE Folder, it stacks items according to the initially selected quantity and number of items per stack. The Stacker then discharges the stacks onto a delivery conveyor. Once connected to the FL-LITE Folder, the APLITE is programmed via the folder's control and can process up to 100 stacks of 10 per hour.

Used in concert with Continental's Pro-Series Heated-Chest Gas Ironer, the FL-LITE and the AP-LITE can save significant time and labor at medium- to high-volume laundries looking to increase productivity and lower labor costs, according to Joel Jorgensen, Continental's vice president of sales and customer services. Similarly, Continental's FT-LITE Drywork Folder can dramatically increase productivity for small- and large-scale dry goods (47.25 x 94.48 inches), including washcloths, hand towels, bath towels, surgical packs, bath mats and blankets.

An economic, compact and productive folder, the FT-LITE Drywork Folder properly folds up to 1,000 dry-goods items per hour. "This is the perfect folder for hospitality, healthcare and high-volume athletic facilities," says Jorgensen. Using the FT-LITE, operators manually feed items onto a feeding table. The folder automatically folds items through combined use of inversion and blade systems and uses up to three primary (longitudinal) folds and one secondary (cross) fold. Secondary (cross) folds can be configured as half folds (1/2 fold) or French folds (1/3 fold). The FT-LITE performs secondary (cross) folds with a rotary stacker and stacked items are returned to the operator on an automated discharge belt. Finally, the control offers an easy-to-use touch-screen display that delivers customized control over folding specifications, including primary- and secondary-fold options.

Continental Girbau folders and stackers are backed by a two-year limited warranty. To find out more about these products, visit today.

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