Containment System has rigid sidewall supports.

Press Release Summary:

Barrier Pac(TM) customizable, modular, secondary containment system offers permanent spill control and containment without use of caulk, silicone, drilling, or mechanical fastening. Chemical-resistant, pre-formed corners and straight sections adhere to concrete and similar substrates by cohesive bonding. Barrier Pac offers high-visibility color scheme, synthetic-polymer bond, and acid resistance.

Original Press Release:

Barrier Pac(TM)

SAINT MARY'S, KS (February 8, 2002)-The Barrier Pac(TM) is the new "build-it-yourself," modular-design, secondary containment system from Andax Environmental Corp. - offering easy and permanent spill control and containment. No caulk, no silicone, no drilling, no mechanical fastening, no mess, no fuss. Just peel and stick! That's all you need to do to install the Barrier Pac(TM). Its pre-formed corners and straight sections allow easy and convenient installation. This flexible containment solution configures to your needs and adapts easily to common irregularities in concrete. Its chemical-resistant barrier adheres to concrete or similar substrates by cohesive bonding. The Barrier Pac(TM) offers a unique customizable format, a high-visibility color scheme, a synthetic polymer bond, rigid sidewall supports, and acid resistance.

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