Contactors meet military and aerospace standards.

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Suited for weight- and size-sensitive, high-voltage aerospace applications, EPIC(TM) 270 Vdc contactors utilize thin ceramic header welded to can with high-temperature plastics inside for arc management. Seal is sufficient to contain high-pressure gases for optimal switching performance. Rated at 175°C, but tested over 250°C without damage or failure, use of thinner ceramic seal offers more room inside for auxiliary contacts and internally contained coil economizer.

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New 270Vdc Contactor Technology Improves Performance, Lowers Costs

BUENA PARK, Calif., July 17, 2006 - A new family of low-cost 270Vdc contactors, featuring the exclusive EPIC(TM) (Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic) sealing technology, has been introduced by Leach International for use in weight- and size-sensitive, high-voltage aerospace applications.

Produced through a joint effort between Leach International, an Esterline Corporation component and equipment manufacturer, and GIGAVAC, today's expert in high voltage relays, these new 270Vdc contactors solve the performance and weight problems of current high-voltage contactor requirements yet are less expensive than ceramic versions.

By utilizing a thin ceramic header welded to a can with high-temperature plastics inside for arc management, the EPIC contactor requires no thick layer of epoxy yet has a seal sufficient to contain high-pressure gases such as hydrogen for optimum switching performance. The result is a high-performance 270Vdc contactor that is less than half the weight and one-tenth the cost of an all-ceramic contactor.

The EPIC contactor is rated at 175°C, but tests have shown the header can reach well over 250°C without damage or failure, providing a reduced risk of contactor failure or fire. In addition, the thinner ceramic seal offers more room inside for auxiliary contacts and an internally contained coil economizer, if needed.

Designed for elecrical systems that are used to replace maintenance-intensive hydraulic and pneumatic systems on aircraft, the new 270Vdc EPIC contactor meets all military and aerospace standards. The first vehicle to use the new contactors will be an unmanned air vehicle (UAV), and other potential applications range from space,aircraft and missiles and to naval ships or a hybrid Humvee for the U.S. Army.

These new contactors will be featured at the Esterline exhibit, Hall 1, Stand B11, Farnborough Air Show July 17-23.

Leach International Corporation, a leader since 1919 in high-reliability power switching components, is a subsidiary of Esterline Technologies and one of the largest manufacturers of electrical switching and control devices for the aerospace industry. GIGAVAC, considered today's expert for engineering, manufacturing, testing and application of high-voltage relays, is one of the largest suppliers of high-voltage relays in the world.

About Leach International:
Leach International Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Technologies Corporation, is a world leader for the design and manufacture of high-reliability power switching and control components and equipment for aerospace, rail, and high-end industrial applications worldwide. Leach specializes in combining its leading-edge components with unique design and manufacturing capabilities to provide custom AC/DC power distribution assemblies. Known for its design excellence and commitment to quality and reliability since 1919, Leach equipment and components are used on thousands of aerospace, military, rail, and high-end industrial applications worldwide in the most severe environments

About Esterline:
Esterline Corporation is a specialized manufacturing company serving principally aerospace/defense and medical markets. Esterline management views the company's businesses in three segments related to its set of core competencies: Avionics & Controls, Sensors & Systems, and Advanced Materials.

Operations within the Sensors & Systems segment including Leach, produce, power distribution equipment, high-precision temperature and pressure sensors, motion control components, and other related systems principally for aerospace and defense customers. The Avionics & Controls segment focuses on technology interface systems for commercial and military aircraft and similar devices for land- and sea-based military vehicles, secure communications systems, specialized medical equipment, and other high-end industrial applications. Advanced Materials focuses on process-related technologies, including high-performance elastomer products and high-temperature resistant components used for a wide range of military and commercial aerospace purposes and combustible ordnance and electronic warfare countermeasure products.

GIGAVAC designs, manufactures and sells sealed High Voltage relays worldwide using the latest design and process technologies. Products include: vacuum relays; gas filled relays, high voltage reed relays and custom high voltage relays. GIGAVAC is considered today's expert in HV relays because of years of experience engineering, manufacturing, testing, and applying high voltage relays. GIGAVAC, located near Santa Barbara, CA, has manufacturing partners in Asia and Europe and is one of the largest suppliers of high voltage relays in the world. EPIC(TM) is a registered trademark of GIGAVAC.

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