Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Approves AlumiConn®

O'FALLON, MO - King Innovation's AlumiConn® Aluminum to Copper Lug has been approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) as a long-term repair method for aluminum wiring.

In a unanimous vote, members of the Commission decided that the AlumiConn lug will be added to their list of products approved for aluminum wiring repairs. AlumiConn meets the agency's standards to prevent the fire hazard caused by Aluminum wiring. The CPSC Publication No. 516 will be updated to reflect this approval of the AlumiConn connector. King's AlumiConn connector has also recently been acknowledged by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation as an approved aluminum wire repair method.

Manufactured in O'Fallon, MO by King Innovation, AlumiConn is a lug style wire connector designed as a permanent repair for aluminum wiring in homes and commercial buildings. An affordable option for aluminum wiring repair, AlumiConn is often preferred to other methods by Electricians and homeowners. As an aluminum wire is inserted into the AlumiConn lug, it is coated with a thin layer of silicone grease to provide resistance from oxidation. When the set screw is tightened down it compresses the surface of the wire, which breaks up any surface oxides and provides a secure mechanical connection. In addition, the AlumiConn connector itself is constructed using tin plated aluminum, which relieves any issues related to dissimilar metals. AlumiConn is UL Listed to meet US and Canadian specifications, declared dependable and economical by independent tests, and now approved by the CPSC.

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