Consider Your End Cost, Not Just Your Initial Price

Albina Co., Inc. is the Industry Leader in Steel Bending,Processing and Fabricating Services

There is a difference in the PRICE you are quoted initially and the overall COST of your project! Choose Quality: It will save everyone involved in your project time and money in the long run. Why You Should Consider the Overall COST of a Project and Not Just the Original PRICE Quoted:

Cost vs. Price

• The price of a competitor might be below ours, but when you add up all of the actual costs to receive and install the material, is there really a cost savings?

• If you chose the lowest price, you may deal with late delivery, poor quality or incorrect parts and a lack of or delayed communication.

• If you choose the lowest price, you will get what you pay for.

Risk vs. Reward

• It might seem like a risk to purchase from a supplier that isn't the "lowest price."

• The rewards are greater than the risk. Albina will provide you with a "fair price" and we will provide you with a better quality product. We will provide you the correct parts the first time. We will provide on-time delivery.

• Our trained, experienced staff will provide unmatched service and communication related to every aspect of your project.

Old and New Bender

• In business since 1939.

• Knowledgeable and experienced staff with the ability to see your project through from the design phase to the delivery of your product.

• 50,000 sq. ft. facility with new, innovative machinery, processes and capabilities.

• Industry leader in Research and Development Technical Expertise.

Value Added Services

• Albina has the capabilities to bend various pipe, tube, and structural steel that range from very small to very large in size.

• Supplemental metal fabrication: certified welders, cutting, drilling, punching, sand blasting, painting, threading, end finishing, etc.

• We are qualified to process NQA-1 work for Certified NQA-1 shops

• Plate rolling: Ability to roll 5/8" plate up to 10'0' in width.

• Ability to split and straighten any size wide flange to mill tolerances.

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