Connor-Suzhou adds More Press Capacity

Suzhou - Connor Manufacturing (Suzhou) continues to expand punch-press capacity to support their growth plans by adding two new 300T presses.

In response to changing market conditions, Connor has positioned themselves to further improve their abilities to meet customer demands for rapid response, ease of doing business, and access to its strategic location.

In an environment where lead times can change quickly and 100% accuracy is imperative these two new presses can meet both conditions. The 300T press supports thin-gauge materials of complex part design. The 300T equipment is almost limitless in material requirements and handles varying thicknesses that meet the requirements of Connor's target markets.

"This addition gives us excellent versatility to support current work and allows us to expand our capabilities, particularly in the local automotive market" says general manager, Roy O'Brien. "This equipment allows us to run parts that require higher shearing or stronger thrust force specifications providing more range in our capabilities for new and current customers."

Connor is a worldwide leader providing customized solutions to your precision metal stampings, wire-forms, springs, and integrated assembly needs. In an industry where all the players seem the same Connor is distinguished by its strategic global locations, creativity, quality, engineering and cost effective solutions to customer challenges. We are wholly owned and located in multiple locations in Asia and the United States.

Connor-where quality, performance, precision, and people truly make a difference.

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