Connectors are suited to harsh environments.

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Environmentally sealed PHD 38999 connectors are suited for military and avionics applications while Poseidon(TM) PHD connectors are suited for industrial and commercial applications. They combine optical components with military-grade designs to provide end-to-end connectivity solutions. Able to accept single mode, multi-mode, and plastic fiber types, connectors utilize glass fibers and ceramic ferrule technology.

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ITT Industries, Cannon Now Offers Optical Connectivity Solution for Harsh Military, Industrial and Avionics Applications

o PHD System delivers more "data per pound"
o More effective end-to-end connectivity solution
o Unique single-mode and multi-mode termini

Santa Ana, Calif., September 23, 2002 - ITT Industries, Cannon today announced that a new line of harsh environment connectors has been added to its innovative PHD(TM) multi-channel optical interconnects system. These new connectors are designed specifically for military, avionics and industrial applications where optimal performance is required in the severest conditions.

The expanded PHD system includes the environmentally sealed PHD 38999 for military and avionics applications and the Poseidon(TM) PHD for industrial and other commercial applications.

Cannon's PHD system overcomes the limitations of existing severe environment fiber optic products through a blending of cost-effective optical components with proven military-grade designs. The PHD system provides engineers and designers with a more cost-effective end-to-end connectivity solution than any other multi-channel severe environment optical connector system.

"These new PHD products are truly future-proofed," said Jay Betker, Cannon's Director of Business Development and Engineering, Fiber Optic Products. "No matter what your application, the PHD system can accommodate your optical performance requirements. It also accepts a large variety of fiber types, such as single mode, multi-mode and even plastic fiber."

The PHD 38999 and Poseidon PHD products become part of the original PHD system introduced earlier in 2002 that are providing an advanced high density/high performance solution for next-generation high bandwidth communications systems and data communications equipment.

"The PHD 38999 and Poseidon PHD systems are perfect for military, avionics and industrial applications as an answer to ever-increasing demand for lighter connectors that are capable of delivering increased bandwidth," Betker said. "By replacing copper with glass, it is possible to move significantly more data per pound."

Betker said that the PHD 38999 system is "the most cost efficient military grade optical connector on the market today." Metallic shell material options include nickel-plated aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel and specialty alloys.

The Poseidon PHD system for industrial applications provides a sealed, ergonomic multi-channel optical solution that is ideal for such applications as industrial controls, robotics and factory automation. Poseidon PHD is compact in size and is available in composite plastic or metallic shell material options.

Both products utilize Cannon's high performance ceramic ferrule technology that is at the heart of the PHD system. The PHD terminus system can deliver optical performance matching or exceeding tuned LC performance with either multi-mode or single mode fiber."

Betker added, "With the introduction of PHD 38999 and Poseidon PHD, Cannon can now offer a high density/high performance optical interconnect solution to virtually all markets where fiber optics is utilized."

The PHD system offers the lowest insertion loss of any multi-channel fiber optic connector currently available. The PHD system is a scaleable design solution that can be easily modified for a broad range of applications.

"As the future of electronics moves to higher bandwidth and ever faster networking technologies, manufacturers are looking for new and innovative approaches to fiber optic connectivity," said Betker. "The PHD system is one of the most important new products developed by Cannon in recent years because it gives our customers and end users a powerful optical edge in connectivity. It is designed to be the solution of choice for multi-channel optical interconnects, now and for the future."

The many benefits for engineers and designers and integrators, include:

o PHD technology overcomes the limitations of existing commercial fiber optic products by delivering both a high density and high performance in an integrated interconnect system.
o The PHD system uses small form factor optics that accommodates packaging of dense optics into both new and existing Cannon connector products.
o PHD technology fuses multiple industry standards together, which allows for easy integration and implementation into various systems.
o PHD technology builds on Cannon's existing heritage of designing and manufacturing high-reliability fiber optic products for a variety of applications.

PHD technology exemplifies Cannon's commitment to developing leading-edge connector, switch, keypad and dome array products for its customers worldwide.

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