Connectors and Lugs are UL listed and CSA certified.

Press Release Summary:

Copper split-bolt connectors suit 16-000 AWG conductors. Aluminum split-bolt connectors can be used with 16-0000 AWG copper/aluminum conductors. Available in single- and dual-conductor versions, aluminum mechanical lugs accept conductors from 14 AWG-250 MCM. Aluminum splicer-reducers join wires of similar gauge or transition from larger to smaller wires. Copper mechanical lugs are suited for 14-000 AWG copper conductors. Copper post connectors are available for 18-0 AWG copper conductors.

Original Press Release:

Gardner Bender Rolls Out Rugged New Line of Copper and Aluminum Connectors and Lugs

MILWAUKEE (NOVEMBER 2002) - Gardner Bender is pleased to introduce a new line of professional-grade copper and aluminum split bolts; one- and two-conductor mechanical lugs; aluminum splicer-reducers; copper mechanical lugs; and copper post connectors. All are UL-listed, CSA-certified, and designed and manufactured to provide trouble-free copper and aluminum wire connections in the most demanding applications.

The new line begins with copper split bolt connectors that offer maximum conductivity and low resistance in applications involving 16 AWG to 000 AWG solid and stranded conductors. High mechanical strength allows torquing with standard wrenches.

Next are aluminum split bolt connectors suitable for use with 16 AWG to 0000 AWG copper and aluminum conductors. Special, high-strength oxide-displacing jaws separate dissimilar wires and prevent galvanic corrosion. Wire brushing is unnecessary.

Gardner Bender's new aluminum mechanical lugs offer high strength and low resistance and accept conductors from 14 AWG to 250 MCM. They are available in single- and dual-conductor versions.

The new line's aluminum splicer-reducers may be used to join wires of similar gauge or to transition from larger copper or aluminum wires to smaller ones, whether solid or stranded. Galvanic corrosion is limited by an internal wire stop that keeps dissimilar metals apart. As an added precaution in aluminum to aluminum or aluminum to copper applications, Gardner Bender recommends GB OX-GARD(TM)-an anti-oxidant treatment that prevents corrosion and keeps connections cool.

Copper mechanical lugs and copper post connectors round out the line. The new lugs are designed for 14 AWG to 000 AWG copper conductors; connectors are available in three versions for 18 AWG to 0 AWG copper conductors. Both the copper mechanical lugs and post connectors offer high-strength-low-resistance construction, are compact for work in restricted spaces, and may be reused.

Gardner Bender's rugged new line of quality copper and aluminum connectors and lugs provides professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike electrical connections they can count on in the most demanding applications.

For over 40 years, Gardner Bender has been designing, manufacturing and marketing professional electrical tools and accessories. For more information on Gardner Bender's complete line of products, contact a Gardner Bender at 800-822-9220, fax 414-352-2377; and in Canada call 800-268-4987, fax 800-461-2456 or visit the website at

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