Connector Interface speeds up termination of 32 to 48 AWG wire.

Press Release Summary:

Smart Spike(TM) works with Smart Block(TM) for capture and insertion of fine wire. Optional electro-mechanical Smart Limiter(TM) mounts on Smart Block and limits use to predetermined setting, then renders device useless. Smart Block can be configured as integrated, pre-assembled platform for active or passive electronic components, combining solder or solderless wire terminations, flex circuit termination, surface mount components, and pin interconnections.

Original Press Release:

EMC Component Group Machine Built Smart Block(tm) Connector Interface Cuts Cost, Improves Quality and Speeds Up Production of Disposable Surgical Devices

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. --October 2, 2002 -- EMC Component Group today announced it has developed two innovative methods that work in conjunction with its Smart Block(tm) to speed up the termination of 32 to 48 AWG (American Wiring Gauge) fine wire:

1) The mechanical Smart Spike(tm) method for the capture and insertion of fine wire, and
2) a new, high-speed solder station, which eliminates the need for soldering irons.

Available now for invasive disposable medical device manufacturers, the new EMC Component Group Smart Block connector interface technology can reduce assembly times by up to 80%, improve yield, and increase reliability significantly.

Using these methods to terminate wires to EMC Component Group's Smart Block reduces assembly cost and improves the output reliability of finished products.

Additionally, EMC Component Group is introducing its innovative Smart Limiter(tm) line of use-limiting devices, now available as an option mounted on the Smart Block. These electro-mechanical devices limit use to a predetermined setting from one to several uses (typically a requirement with invasive medical devices), then effectively render the devices useless.

Smart Blocks can be configured as integrated, pre-assembled mounting platforms for active and passive electronic components, combining solder or solderless wire terminations, flex circuit termination, surface mount components and pin interconnections - all in one block - while eliminating manual termination and hand mounting of components.

"The Smart Block connector interface product line is the result of an enabling technology that has documented results in dramatically reduced product assembly time, improved yields, and in-use product reliability for all fine wire termination requirements," said Jim Levante, EMC Component Group General Manager. "Dramatic product improvements and reduced assembly costs of hand pieces used in minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic devices have resulted from incorporation of the Smart Block into the product design specifications."

Smart Blocks can be designed to mate with any industry standard connector interface. EMC Component Group offers off the shelf designs and custom solutions to customer specifications. Because the assembly of Smart Blocks is fully automated, manual assembly quality issues are eliminated. Prototype development and production delivery times are substantially shortened.

Single use disposable electrophysiology product manufacturers have found Smart Block technology a winning, proven methodology that cuts costs and builds devices more efficiently. Medical device manufacturers, connector manufacturers and contract manufacturers are invited to email or fax designs and concepts for development and quotation.

Contact Jim Levante, EMC Component Group, Inc. 670 National Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043. Phone (650) 969-2286 x 127. Fax (650) 969-2287. E-mail: Website:

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