Connecting with the Sun

Connecting with the Sun

During an automated packaging process, materials can shift and become unstable causing components to move during transport. An international manufacturer of solar cells turned to Glue Dots International to resolve this very issue.

The Problem

Cables shift during packaging and transport

The manufacturer found cables were shifting during the automated packaging process, compromising the solar panels during transport.

With very little space between the glass solar panels, the manufacturer needed to ensure the cables would not shift in between the panels during packaging and transport.

The manufacturer had success with Glue Dots' pressure sensitive adhesives, but needed them to be applied faster and more accurately than the handheld applicator would allow.

The Solution

SD-900 provides accuracy and speed

With a dot placement accuracy of +/- .09375 inch and the ability to have a feed rate up to 300 applications per minute, the fully automated SD-900 adhesive applicator was recommended to replace the Dot Shot Pro applicators currently in use.

The SD-900 was integrated into the existing assembly line and programmed to apply two (2) Glue Dots on the edge of the panel, allowing the cable to be secured in place by the following machine.

The Result

Cables stay connected

By implementing the SD-900, the manufacturer was able to increase output and performance while ensuring packaging continuity for transport.

In addition, the automated process also provided cost savings on labor and maintenance.

"We are satisfied with the performance and reliability of the SD-900," said the manufacturer's Process Engineer. "It is an easy to use, high volume applicator without complicated maintenance."

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