Connectify Brings Iridium Global Network Connectivity to Wi-Fi-Enabled Devices

PHILADELPHIA - Connectify, a leader in the wireless networking software space, today announced a strategic partnership to offer Iridium AxcessPoint Connect to the mobile communications market. The Iridium AxcessPoint Connect software uses Connectify's Wi-Fi sharing technology, to give Iridium satellite phone users the ability to transform their laptop into a wireless hotspot to access the Iridium global network through their smartphones, tablets and other devices. This software application, which is built on the proprietary Connectify architecture, provides Iridium satellite phone customers the power to connect their various devices online around the globe, and without any additional hardware.

"We are pleased to be working with Iridium to bring secure, Wi-Fi sharing capabilities to Iridium satellite phone users around-the-world," said Alex Gizis, CEO of Connectify. "Iridium's customers are some of the most demanding users of wireless communications technology today, and Connectify is proud to enable their various devices to connect online, even in the most extreme situations."

Whether thousands of miles out-to-sea, or in the most remote desert outposts, customers can easily use their Iridium AxcessPoint Connect software to transform their laptop into a wireless hotspot, and broadcast the Iridium satellite network as Wi-Fi to their devices.

Iridium AxcessPoint Connect is the first software access point, or Soft AP, developed expressly for Iridium satellite phones with mobile data plans. Leveraging several years' experience in the wireless networking software space, Connectify worked closely with Iridium to develop an application that offers additional functionality to meet the needs of Iridium's satellite phone customers. With intelligent dialing and connection management, Iridium AxcessPoint Connect automatically dials or disconnects the user's satellite phone based on whether host or client devices are actively connected. This feature minimizes airtime costs while letting Iridium satellite phone users focus on more important at-hand tasks. Other features, such as custom firewall controls, give users the ability to control permission for which devices have LAN and/or Internet access. This value-added functionality helps in low-bandwidth situations where multiple devices require distinct levels of access.

While continuing to bring powerful yet easy-to-use networking software to the broader market, Connectify considers this strategic partnership with Iridium to be a mutually-beneficial relationship where some of Connectify's next-generation features are being implemented today, expressly for Iridium's satellite phone customers.

Iridium AxcessPoint Connect will be available to Iridium customers later this year via the company's website at The software must be installed on a laptop with Windows XP/Vista/7 and used with Iridium's Direct Internet software when connected to an Iridium phone with satellite data service.

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Connectify is a privately-held company that develops next-generation networking software for PC and mobile platforms. Founded in 2010, Connectify's mission is to give all users the power to perform complex networking tasks at the click-of-a-button. For more information on Connectify, visit Connectify is a trademark of Connectify Inc. Iridium and related marks, images, and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Iridium Corp.

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