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Conical LED Post Lamps eliminate light loss due to reflection and redirection.

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Conical LED Post Lamps eliminate light loss due to reflection and redirection.

Nov 09, 2016 -

Designed in base up and base down variations, Conical LED Post Lamps are DLC listed and provide focused directional lighting. LED40B post top series has conical shaped LED layout and offers targeted lighting towards desired locations. Replacing HID lamps, Conical lamps consumes 55 watts base up and 57 watts base down. Improving lighting efficiency and luminance, lamps are suitable in driveways, security lighting, parks and playgrounds.

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LEDtronics New Conical LED Post Top Lamps Offer Efficiently Focused Lighting

Press release date: Nov 03, 2016

LEDtronics is excited to introduce its newest line of premium-brand Conical LED Post Top Lamps! They are DLC-listed, and come in base-up and base-down variations. Designed and manufactured with the highest standards in the lighting business, LEDtronics created a high-powered LED lamp that excels in focused directional solution lighting.

The LED40B post top series has a conical shaped LED layout. The design targets light toward the desired location, eliminating light loss due to reflection and redirection. It greatly improves lighting efficiency and provides maximum luminance to the targeted area. Potential application uses include but are not limited to: post top lamps, driveways, parks and playgrounds, security lighting, pendant lighting, globe lighting, outdoor and covered parking areas, and railroad station platforms.

The lamp was specifically designed for energy efficiency without sacrificing performance. LEDtronics conical LED post top lamps consume 55 watts base up and 57 watts base down, and can replace older HID lamps up to 250 watts. The LED40B post top series has...

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