Conflex Incorporated Unveils The CW "Evolution"- A New Modular Design Package For The CW Series Of Shrink Wrappers

Milwaukee, WI (November 01, 2004) - Conflex Incorporated has taken the CW Series, a proven performer in its line of shrink wrappers, and given it a new modular design package called the CW "Evolution". The CW Series of horizontal form fill seal shrink wrappers is essentially a range of wrappers offering different size ranges and speed capabilities. The CW Series has been a cornerstone of the Conflex machinery line for the last 12 years, so it was a challenge to improve upon a good thing. However, with the capabilities that servo motors and new PC based electronics are offering today, Conflex was able to capitalize on some of this new technology as well as make some major mechanical changes.

The new CW "Evolution" machine has evolved many of the standard features to accommodate the ever changing needs of the consumer. The film feed mechanism has been changed to an easy-load compact cradle style design. Certain machines in the Series are made ambidextrous so they can be run from either side of the machine. The infeed area, which typically was part of the main machine's frame has been made modular so the user can change the style of infeed depending upon production needs. This essentially gives the user the ability to have an entire suite of different infeeds and one shrink wrapper. Conflex also brought some servo technology, traditionally optional on some models, and made it standard equipment, giving the user greater flexibility to do things such as print registration.

For the user with specific electronics requirements, Conflex is offering a new controls package. The CW Plus "Evolution" is utilizing the state of the art GE Fanuc, QuickPanel(TM) for its controls package. The bright color PC based touch screen uses the Windows® CE operating system and is very user friendly. Connectivity is made easy with a family of Ethernet and Field bus interfaces. Data collection, trending, security, alarms, multi-languages are just some of the features available with this new technology.

"This new CW "Evolution" Series of wrappers essentially takes a great proven line of equipment and brings it up to par with the latest technology available" says Joe Morrissey, Product Manager for Conflex Incorporated.

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