Conduit and Fittings withstand wide temperature range.

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Liquatite® Type ATX flexible electrical conduit, used with Thomas and Betts 5300 series Type HT Connectors, features outer jacket that is suited to extreme temperature conditions. Product remains flexible in temperatures from -60 to +150ºC, intermitting to 165ºC, and carries flammability rating of UL 94-HB. Available in 3/8-4 in. trade sizes, conduit utilizes flexibility of LT core coupled with halogen-free, thermoplastic rubber jacket.

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Electri-Flex Type ATX Liquatite Flexible Electrical Conduit and Thomas & Betts HT Liquidtight Fittings Withstand Extreme Temperature Conditions

Electri-Flex Company offers its Liquatite(r) Type ATX flexible electrical conduit and recommends using the new Thomas and Betts High/Low Temperature liquidtight fittings for this particular conduit. Type ATX and the T&B Connectors are ideal for applications such as industrial ovens, boilers and furnaces, kilns and heavy outdoor equipment, where standard conduits and fittings would not be suitable.

Type ATX is a rugged conduit that features a specially formulated outer jacket that makes it ideally suited to excessive temperature ranges. Although ATX was designed to be terminated with standard liquidtight steel fittings, most fittings are only rated to a maximum of 105°C. The new 5300 series Type HT (High/Low Temperature) Connectors from T&B are the only steel liquidtight fittings utilizing both a gland ring and an insulated throat rated from -60°C to +150°C. Using the HT connectors with ATX eliminates any concerns regarding de-rating a 150°C installation.

Type ATX conduit remains flexible in temperatures ranging from -60ºC to 150ºC intermitting to 165ºC and carries a flammability rating of UL 94-HB. It is available in 3/8" to 4" trade sizes. An exceptionally resilient conduit solution, Type ATX utilizes the flexibility of Electri-Flex's standard LT core, coupled with a halogen-free Thermoplastic Rubber jacket that is virtually unaffected by temperature variances.

Electri-Flex Company, a leader in electrical conduit design and manufacture for nearly 50 years, produces Liquatite, the most diverse line of liquidtight flexible electrical conduit in the industry. The company offers custom design, engineering, quality assurance and testing capabilities. For more information on Electri-Flex Company, call (630) 529-2920 or (800) 323-6174; fax: (630) 529-0482; e-mail:; visit:; or write: 222 West Central Avenue, Roselle, IL, 60172-1994.

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