Conduit and Fittings suit outdoor, all-weather applications.

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Gator-Flex UV-stabilized, non-metallic, liquid-tight, flexible conduit and fittings protect wire bundles and harnesses, hoses, tubing, and cable assemblies from mechanical damage, shortouts, and environmental hazards. Components include PVC conduit, straight and angled connectors, and electrical whips. Suited for indoor/outdoor use, products provide grounding for electrical safety and are UL and CUL listed.

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Kaf-flex Introduces Non-Metallic Liquid-Tight Conduit and Fittings

New Product: Gator-Flex -UV-stabilized, non-metallic liquid-tight flexible conduit and fittings for outdoor, all-weather applications. Design: Kaf-flex In-House Product Design & Engineering Team. Manufacturer: Kaf-flex - a subsidiary of Heyco Products, Inc. Product Applications: Gator-Flex non-metallic liquid-tight flexible conduit and fittings are designed to protect wire bundles and harnesses, hoses, tubing and cable assemblies from mechanical damage, shortouts and environmental hazards. Gator-Flex provides ready-to-use lasting, maintenance-free solutions for marine, HVAC, swimming pool and spa applications in commercial and residential markets. Product Description: The Gator-Flex system is comprised of flexible, PVC conduit, straight and angled connectors and electrical whips. The corrugated, non-metallic PVC jacket, which can be specified with interior diameters of 3/8- through 2-inches, is UV and chemical resistant. It withstands temperatures from 176° F dry to 144° F wet, for maximum flexibility in a range of indoor and outdoor environments. Gator-Flex conduit has an internal corrugated design. Extremely flexible and durable, it allows each tube to accommodate irregular shapes, angles and contours. Tubes can be flexed repeatedly without damage. A choice of straight or angled connectors maintains a liquid-tight connection when coupled, and adds reinforcement along long runs of conduit. Pre-assembled "Flex-Whips" offer ready hook-ups to air conditioning compressors, pool heater/filters and similar applications. Gator-Flex is designed to withstand below-ground applications and is approved for use in runs of greater than 6 feet. Construction & Finishes: Gator-Flex conduit is constructed from exceptionally flexible, internally corrugated PVC, made from a sunlight resistant UL compound. It can be specified in 50- and 100-foot coils. Straight and 90° angle connectors are of a high-impact, tin-stabilized PVC compound, with chemical-resistant polypropylene sealing and gland rings. Gator-Flex is suited for both indoor and outdoor use, above and below ground in virtually any climate or soil condition. The totally non-metallic system provides assured grounding for electrical safety. All Gator-Flex components are inspected a minimum of eight times during manufacture for quality assurance. Gator-Flex is manufactured in the USA, and is UL and CUL listed. Ordering Information: Literature, specifications and pricing for Gator-Flex can be obtained from Kaf-flex, 12801 Commodity Place, Tampa, FL 33626. Telephone toll-free: (800) 451 -7646. Fax: (813) 818-0117. E-mail: Learn more about Kaf-flex's capabilities and product range by visiting them on the World Wide Web at: Kaf-flex, a designer, manufacturer and marketer of flexible nonmetallic PVC conduit, tubing and hose products, is a Heyco Products, Inc. company.

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