Conductivity Meter measures over wide range.

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Micro 500, with auto-ranging capability, measures from 0 to 199.9 microsiemens per cm, 0 to 1999 microsiemens per cm, and 0 to 19.99 millisiemens per cm. It is accurate to +/-1% FS. This allows it to be used for applications ranging from testing deionized water to brine, routine monitoring of demineralization and other high purity water treatment operations, and obtaining solution conductivity levels. Meter measures 14 x 7 x 3.5 cm and weighs 200 g.

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Ingenious, Easy to Use, Multi-Range Conductivity Meter

Water analysis specialist Palintest has introduced a lightweight, multi-range conductivity meter with a vast number of applications, from testing deionized water through to brine. The Micro 500 Conductivity Meter is effective in the routine monitoring of demineralization and other high purity water treatment operations, and in obtaining the general state of a solution's conductivity levels.

The meter is very simple to use. Once turned on, pressing the MODE key selects Conductivity or Temperature. The probe is then dipped into the sample and a reading is provided. It features a large custom LCD for clear and easy reading.

The meter's hard-wearing conductivity probe features an ingenious design which addresses the problems of polarization and contamination that can affect conductivity readings. The sensor has four steel rings arranged concentrically, one above the other. A voltage is applied to the external rings and this generates an AC current, producing a stray field in the liquid which is then picked up through the internal rings.

The meter measures up to three ranges, from 0 to 199.9 or 1999 microsiemens per cm, or to 19.99 millisiemens per cm, with auto-ranging capability, switching to the appropriate range automatically. It is accurate to ±1% of full scale.

It is factory calibrated, but for accuracy the meter can be calibrated independently on each measurement range. Palintest Standard Conductivity solutions are available as accessories for checking the instrument.

The meter has automatic or manual temperature compensation from 0 to 80deg C. It also features a temperature coefficient control which can be set for solutions where the temperature coefficient differs from that of water.

Measuring 14x7x3.5 cm and weighing only 200g, the meter comes with a two-pin stainless steel conductivity electrode with built in temperature sensor, a rubber boot, batteries, instruction manual and a soft carrying pouch.

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