Conductive Thermoplastic provides EMI shielding.

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PREMIER(TM) Materials are blends of PC/ABS thermoplastic polymer alloys and conductive fillers engineered for stable electrical, mechanical, and physical performance. Molded parts require no secondary operations such as machining, plating, painting, or vacuum coating. Using fibers treated with dispersion agent that produces evenly dispersed fiber matrix within polymer, PREMIER technology offers shielding effectiveness up to 85 dB and UL94 flammability rating of V-O.

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Chomerics PREMIER(TM) Conductive Thermoplastic

Engineered Fillers Offer Effective EMI Shielding Without Machining Costs

WOBURN, Mass., Feb. 8 /-- Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE:PH), announced the introduction of PREMIER(TM) conductive thermoplastic with a new engineered filler system for more effective EMI shielding. The filler system is a proprietary blend optimizing materials, dispersion and morphology for enhanced performance and ease of manufacture. All Premier materials are unique blends of PC/ABS thermoplastic polymer alloys and conductive fillers engineered for stable electrical, mechanical and physical performance. Contrary to traditional shielding solutions, PREMIER molded parts require no secondary operations such as machining, plating, painting, vacuum coating or similar steps, thus reducing costs by up to 50% compared to die castings, bent formed metal or machined extrusions. Customers using PREMIER conductive thermoplastic in various telecom and automotive applications have demonstrated higher reliability, lower yield losses and verified component cost savings.

Injection molded PREMIER parts exhibit durability against vibration and shock, similar to performance of composites employed in the aircraft industry. With shielding effectiveness up to 85dB (100 MHz to 18 GHz), low weight, and UL94 flammability rating of V-O, PREMIER conductive thermoplastic performs far better than carbon-filled ESD (electrostatic discharge) plastics. PREMIER technology uses fibers that are treated with a proprietary dispersion agent technology that produces an evenly dispersed fiber matrix within the polymer. The result is effective shielding throughout a complex part's geometry.

According to Chomerics business development manager George Watchko, "PREMIER molded parts can significantly lower cost of ownership and shorten a customer's time to market by eliminating multiple tooling layers required for secondary operations. By eliminating secondary operations, PREMIER can significantly reduce part manufacture complexity, providing significant cost savings. PREMIER parts can weigh 50% less than a metal part, making it ideal for hand-held portable devices. PREMIER is environmentally friendly and meets worldwide directives for ecological compatibility."

As a leading global provider of EMI shielding solutions, hundreds of millions of Chomerics parts and materials are incorporated in electronics and components vital to telecommunications, commercial, consumer, defense, automotive and medical devices. PREMIER(TM) conductive thermoplastic offers a multitude of EMI shielding solutions for all these applications. Parker Chomerics can provide PREMIER in the form of custom molded parts or as raw material in pellet form to be provided directly to the customer's supply chain, as well as offering technical support for the injection molding process.

About Chomerics
Chomerics (Woburn, MA) is a global leader in development and application of advanced materials for emerging technologies in electronics, transportation and alternative energy systems. Chomerics is the first choice in EMI shielding and thermal management solutions for telecommunications, information technology, medical devices, automotive, military, commercial and consumer electronics industries. For details, visit

Note: PREMIER is a trademark of Parker Hannifin Corporation. Chomerics is a registered trademark of Parker Hannifin Corporation.

About Parker Hannifin
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