Conductive Adhesive is offered in syringe system.

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Able to cure at room temperature in 24 hr, CHO-BOND® 584-29 conductive adhesive is contained within syringe system that consists of a pair of syringes, 1 containing hardener and 1 with conductive resin, separated by connector. Compounds are mixed between syringes, and 1 syringe is used to apply mixed conductive adhesive. With silver filler, compound provides low-volume resistivity of 0.002 ohm-cm, has min lap shear strength of 1,200 psi, and contains no VOCs.

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Conductive Adhesive Now Provided in Convenient Syringe System

APRIL 4, 2003, WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- Chomerics, a division of the Parker Hannifin Corporation, now provides its CHO-BOND® 584-29 conductive adhesive in a convenient syringe system for easier mixing and more precise application. Compared with 2-part, flexible divider pouches the new syringe system simplifies the mixing of resin and hardening components, and improves dispensing accuracy. The result is less compound waste at comparable prices.

Low cost CHO-BOND 584-29 conductive adhesive has a low viscosity allowing easier application through fine gauge needles. With its silver filler, the compound provides a low volume resistivity of 0.002 ohm-cm when used as a highly conductive pathway in circuit repair, EMI shielding systems, ground paths, and other applications. The adhesive cures at room temperature in 24 hours.

The new dispense system for 584-29 adhesive features a pair of syringes, one containing a hardener and one with the conductive resin, separated by a connector. The compounds are quickly mixed between the syringes, and one syringe is used to apply the mixed conductive adhesive. A needle can be attached to the dispensing syringe to produce finer beads, or to deposit points of adhesive in hard to reach places.

CHO-BOND 584-29 adhesive has a minimum lap shear strength of 1200 PSI (8.28 MPa). It can be used in place of soldering or welding. The adhesive contains no VOC's (volatile organic compounds).

Syringe units of CHO-BOND 584-29 conductive adhesive are packaged in kits of 10 units each. A unit contains 3 grams of compound. The list price for a syringe kit is $159.00 and volume discounts are available from Chomerics. For details on the complete line of Chomerics conductive adhesives, visit

Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation's Seal Group. provides a wide range of EMI Shielding and Thermal Management Materials and services to OEM electronics companies around the world in the Telecom, Information Technology, Power Conversion, Military and Automotive markets. Since 1961, Chomerics has been the primary force in the development of electrically conductive elastomers for use as extruded, molded and form-in-place EMI gaskets. Chomerics also offers an extensive family of thermal interface materials, which transfer heat from electronic components to heat sinks.

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