Conduction Cooled Enclosures suit VPX applications.

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Enabling development of conduction-cooled embedded systems, VPX Enclosures are available with PCIexpress bus implementation on backplane, having 8 lanes per slot and 64 lane switch, allowing up to 7 add-on slots and CPU slot for high bandwidth computing applications. CPU boards are available with x4 or x8 lane PCIexpress configuration and include Intel core duo board based on Intel 3100 chipset with ECC and Freescale MPC8548 PowerQUICC III processor board.

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PCI Embedded Computer Systems Inc. Unveils New VPX Conduction Cooled Rugged Enclosures

Jackson, California and Dietzenbach, Germany

October 23, 2007-- PCI Embedded Computer Systems Inc., a leading supplier of conduction cooled systems today announced NEW VPX Conduction Cooled Rugged Enclosures, enabling accelerated development of rugged conduction cooled embedded systems.

PCI embedded computer systems manufactures a variety of COTS modular designed conduction cooled chassis for VPX, VME, CPCI and CPCIexpress applications. Two level maintenance models include 3U, 6U, ATR, ARINC600 and custom chassis and all are available with interchangeable backplane-bus versions. A unique design allows the user to select different top and bottom parts for the enclosure to get an air cooled, conduction cooled (cold plate) or liquid cooled chassis. During development an easy exchange of chassis parts generates a different type of cooling of the chassis.
Also, during development, each slot has its own rear I/O PCB to ease definition and testing of the final custom wiring. This setup can be easily exchanged with a custom rear I/O PCB set. Therefore cost of ownership is minimized, since development and production versions of the chassis have the same basic design components.

VPX versions are available with a PCIexpress bus implementation on the backplane, having 8 lanes per slot and a 64 lane switch, therefore allowing up to 7 add-on slots and a CPU slot for very high bandwidth computing applications. Current CPU boards are available with x4 or x8 lane PCIexpress configuration and include a Intel core duo board based on the Intel 3100 chipset with ECC and a Freescale MPC8548 PowerQUICC III processor board. The 3U Conduction Cooled Chassis shown here comes with a 5 slot backplane plus CPU slot, 220 Watt Modular PS with 12-36VDC input and an external AC input adapter for lab testing. The 5 slot backplane will accommodate the Modular PS, a one slot width CPU, and 5 add-on card slots.

CompactPCI Express Type 3, CompactPCI and VPX backplanes with Rear I/O are available. PCI embedded computer systems unique Compact PCI Express Type 3 backplane has the same full rear I/O capability as CompactPCI with PCI Express 4x lanes of bandwidth.
Rear I/O transition modules are standard. The rear panel can be easily customized to adapt to your rugged application. Also this chassis may be easily customized for fewer slots to reduce width and the rear I/O may be modified to reduce depth for special applications. The chassis is manufactured from aluminum to guarantee maximum ruggedness at minimum weight. Power dissipation of the installed boards and power supply is by conduction cooling through the walls of the chassis and cooling fins.
Boards are fixed in place with wedge locks to insure good heat conduction to the chassis and vibration control. This is an ideal solution as a hardware/software development platform and can be easily upgraded for full rugged projects.

PCI embedded computer systems manufactures a variety of conduction cooled carrier boards for different bus architectures and can customize mechanical shapes and layout changes even for small quantities with fast turnaround times.

"Very few high volume applications can justify the design of a custom conduction cooled chassis, stated Claus Gross, PCI Embedded Computer Systems Inc.'s Vice President of Engineering. "For cost reasons the majority of designs must utilize a modular design made with off-the-shelf components."

Until recently, Mr. Gross explained, OEM's had to design a chassis by immediately using customized rear I/O and also determine the type of external cooling. Many designers had to design their own backplane into their application, in spite of the extended design time.

"With our modular approach of delivering exchangeable backplane types and different chassis parts for different cooling options, the migration path from prototyping to a mission computer is done very fast " he stated, "designers have a magnificent choice: combine a proven low cost mechanical subsystem and basic electronics like carriers for XMC-PMC cards and a power supply without packaging or form-factor constraints to their application."

PCI Embedded Computer Systems Inc. develops and manufactures intelligent CPU and peripheral boards as well as advanced mechanical design solutions in the US and Germany for many platforms that provide precision control of robotic and automated equipment in the semiconductor, medical and industrial equipment markets as well as for ruggedized embedded OEM applications in airborne and defense applications.

PCI embedded computer systems GmbH
D-63128 Dietzenbach

In the USA:
PCI Embedded Computer Systems Inc.
505-1 So. State Hwy 49, #102
Jackson, CA 95642
TEL/FAX: 209-295-5088

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