Condensing Boiler Blower/Control ensures constant combustion.

Press Release Summary:

Consisting of intelligent ebm-papst blower and control unit, LambdaConstant System for condensing boiler systems adjusts automatically to optimum combustion, even when variable gas types are present. Burner temperature control is independent of gas quality and burner load is independent of ambient conditions. With modulation range of 1:10, system meets variety of output requirements, from low heat output to full power output for hot water supply.

Original Press Release:

LambdaConstant - The Future of Gas Condensing Boiler Controls

Independent condensing boiler technology

The newly designed LambdaConstant control system is a revolution for combustion blowers in condensing boiler technology. Consisting of an intelligent ebm-papst blower and "LambdaConstant" control unit, it is the first system ever to adjust automatically to optimum combustion even where variable gas types are present.

Up to now, devices required time-consuming adjustment and calibration based on various types of gas. The LambdaConstant System eliminates these tasks by adjusting automatically to the type of gas, ensuring optimum and constant combustion.

Maximum output - regardless of the location of use

The actual maximum output of condensing boilers depends greatly on external conditions. For example, barometric air pressure, wind effects, and the length of the flue gas tract can influence the attainable output. Here too, the LambdaConstant System's integrated mass flow controller ensures that the gas unit adjusts itself thereby guaranteeing a regulated, environmentally responsible and efficient combustion from the start.

Energy-efficient thanks to a one-of-a-kind degree of modulation

New condensing boiler technology with the built-in LambdaConstant System achieves modulation of unprecedented levels: 1:10 compared to 1:4 using conventional technology. Thanks to the high modulation range, a variety of output requirements from low heat output needs to full power output for hot water supply, can be met with precision.

As easy as it is resourceful

In developing the LambdaConstant System, we simply apply a researched conclusion: For every gas type, it is possible to represent the dependency of temperature on air mass flow with a fixed Lambda value in a diagram. With temperature and air mass measurements, the intelligent control system electronics can detect whether the system as reached its optimum level of efficiency and adjust to it as necessary.

Advantages of the LambdaConstant System

Burner temperature control independent of gas quality

Burner load independent of ambient conditions

Vast modulation range: 1:10

High precision and electronic stepper motor valve

Reduction of heating units

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