Concrete Patch Kit features non-critical mix ratio.

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Developed as permanent solution to all types of concrete patching, repair, and resurfacing needs, RAPID-CONCRETE PATCH comes with 5 gallon pail, resin, and hardener with aggregate. Product is suited for fixing cracking and flaking concrete, plus filling holes in driveways, floors, and other spalling repairs. Ready for traffic in less than 30 minutes, RAPID-CONCRETE PATCH withstands heavy, abrasive, and high-impact traffic as well as corrosive spillage.

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Interstate Products Offers New Fast Setting Blend of Rapid-Concrete Patch

Rapid Patch 'non critical mix ratio' makes concrete repair easier to use then ever

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading provider and preferred source for environmental and industrial maintenance solutions now carries a newly formulated, fast drying concrete patching and resurfacing kit called RAPID-CONCRETE PATCH. Developed as a permanent solution to all types of concrete patching, repair and resurfacing needs, the new blend is faster and easier to apply; and is ideal for concrete repair work that requires immediate dry time. Designed to permanently bond to concrete, metal, wood and other surface areas, RAPID-CONCRETE PATCH is the product of choice among commercial and industrial users for concrete resurfacing and to fix cracking concrete, flaking concrete, to fill holes in driveways, floors and other spalling repairs.

As a result of the new formula's 'non critical mix ratio,' RAPID-CONCRETE PATCH is now easier to mix, more pourable and may be used with a trowel depending on how much of the resin, catalyst and powder components are used. This super-fast drying concrete patching, repair and resurfacing kit from IPI comes with a 5 gallon pail, resin and hardener with aggregate for the strongest possible patching on concrete surfaces like plant floors, sidewalks, driveways or basement flooring. Ideal for areas which are subjected to heavy, abrasive, high impact traffic or corrosive spillage, RAPID-CONCRETE PATCH is also designed for use on bricks and stonework, steps and walls; and wherever minimal down time is required. Repair applications with minimum dry time requirements and even areas that need to be in use within 1/2 hour, this new blend will be ready for traffic in under 30 minutes with no extra bonder needed.

Interstate Products offers a diverse line of concrete repair and asphalt patch kits, crack filler, cleaners and sealers to repair unsightly and potentially dangerous potholes and cracks for a variety of residential and industrial applications. IPI's industrial strength Orange Crystal Concentrate, an effective, low cost, powdered citrus degreaser concentrate keeps concrete surfaces clean by removing stubborn grease, oil, tar stains and even tire marks. In addition, our Rust Away liquid cleaner can be used to remove unsightly rust stains from concrete surfaces. Contact us today for more information or assistance ordering the right concrete or asphalt patch kits, surface cleaners, sealants and more or please visit our website at:

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