Concept Industries Announces the First Natural Fiber Mat for Office Furniture

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 22 -- Concept Industries, of Grand Rapids, MI, announces the production of the first natural fiber mat made for office furniture panels, provided for commercial use by HON Company, marketed under the name Nature Core. HON is introducing Nature Core as an option on its Initiate line of office systems.

Nature Core is the first product to come to market that is a renewable replacement for fiberglass and other synthetic materials that have long been the only options for office furniture. Nature Core is a composite of natural fiber and a small amount of synthetic stabilizer. It is not only a renewable agricultural fiber, but it is also recyclable.

Nature Core is the result of two years of research and development, and is the first of many new environmentally friendly products that Concept Industries is bringing to market. Concept Industries employs world leaders in fiber technology, and sees renewable materials as the wave of the future. With the increasing demand for petroleum-free and green solutions for manufacturing, these new products will offer functional and cost-saving benefits.

The use of natural fibers is not only environmentally friendly, but can be a source of agricultural income for the hard-hit farmers in the U.S. and abroad. Concept Industries will be working with government agencies to promote the growing, and manufacturing uses of textile fibers. This new field could provide geo-political, geo-economic and geo-agricultural advantages for Michigan and the whole U.S.

Shawn Eshragh, President of Concept Industries, states that he is pleased that this technology is being developed in West Michigan, and believes that this will enhance the status of Grand Rapids as a center of innovation and development. He looks forward to working with state and federal agencies to promote industrial and agricultural areas of growth for the region.

Concept Industries' core ideologies are to create unique new products and processes with technology and ingenuity, and inspire social change and respect for all people. According to Mr. Eshragh, "Our goal is the betterment of mankind and to make an impact on our economy, on our environment, and on the future of our children."

Concept Industries is very pleased to partner with HON Company as it launches its newest environmental initiative, Nature Core fiber board. HON Company and Concept Industries share similar corporate beliefs and ideologies. Both are committed to product innovation, outstanding customer service, and solutions for its customers with a conscience for protecting the environment.

Concept Industries began in 1984 as a manufacturer of packaging products and rapidly expanded to include automotive parts and molded plastic components for furniture, automotive and packaging applications, and added a new line of non-woven textiles ten years ago by purchasing the fiber division of Johnson Controls Inc. This was initially used for acoustic automotive components, still used in the Chevrolet Impala, the Hummer H2, and Saturn Vue crossover SUV, and the recently redesigned Chrysler Sebring has an interior dash insulator which is a composite of lightweight non-woven recyclable materials. Concept Industries invented a similar product that was first marketed in the very popular Ford F150 pickup truck.

Research has now been successful in applying this knowledge to natural fibers to replace fiberglass. Products to hit the general market soon include acoustic and heat insulating panels for the building and construction industries, designable ceiling tiles, and other construction applications. New areas include other building materials, further acoustic and structural applications, automotive applications, etc. Concept Industries looks forward to bringing these new innovative products to market.

Concept Industries is the leading innovator of custom, non-woven materials engineered to meet its customers' unique needs. Concept provides both organic and synthetic materials offering sustainable alternatives to materials that are both acoustic and structural. Concept Industries' non-woven business started over ten years ago with the purchase of the fiber division of Johnson Controls. Since then, Concept has expanded their customer base to included additional tier-one and OEM automotive customers, including Lear, Magna, DCX and GM, office furniture and commercial construction. Concept Industries is an MMBDC registered Minority Business Enterprise and TS16949 registered. Concept is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Additional information is available at

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