Concentrator is suited for handling heat-sensitive samples.

Press Release Summary:

Along with refrigeration capability for protecting heat-sensitive samples by cooling them down to 25°F during processing, Proteomic CentriVap® Benchtop Concentrator System incorporates DNA Rotor that handles up to 60, 1.5 ml and 72, 0.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes. CentriVap Cold Trap, also included, reaches -58°F for solvent recovery and traps moisture, vapors, and corrosive fumes as they evaporate. MPU-controlled, 300 W heater accelerates evaporation with constant heat up to +100°C.

Original Press Release:

NEW Proteomic Centrivap® Concentrator System Concentrates Multiple Small Heat-Sensitive Samples

The NEW Proteomic CentriVap Benchtop Concentrator System processes heat sensitive samples such as RNA and other proteins that are subject to degradation by heat supplied by friction. The exclusive feature of adding refrigeration to the CentriVap allows cooling samples to -4°C (25°F) protecting them from the effects of heat. The DNA Rotor is included and accommodates up to 60 each 1.5 ml and 72 each 0.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes.

Included with the system is the CentriVap Cold Trap that reaches -50°C (-58°F) for solvent recovery and protects the vacuum pump by trapping moisture, vapors and corrosive fumes as they evaporate from the samples.

The microprocessor-controlled 300-watt heater speeds evaporation with a constant amount of heat up to +100° C in one degree increments. The Quick-Start(TM) One Button Start up activates the rotor, heater, timer and vacuum pump. The memory can store up to 9 user-set programs. The Quick-Stop(TM) system stops the rotor and vacuum pump and bleeds air into the chamber within seconds. An audible alarm signals completion of set point run time.

Find out more about the many exclusive features of the Proteomic CentriVap Concentrator System at our website at or call 800-732-0031.

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