Concast Introduces Proprietary Alloy 380 to Meet the Most Demanding Applications.

The newest addition to the Concast family of alloys is Concast 380. This proprietory alloy uses the addition of colbalt to the elemental matrix to provide an aluminum bronze based alloy with outstanding mechanical properties. Exceptional compressive strength combined with high frictional resistance make Concast 380 an ideal choice for various high load applications. Industry standard material designations include, roll forming and drawing dies along with bending and wiping blocks.

Concast currently produces 380 in the following standard shapes and dimensions:

2.0 x 10.0
3.0 x 10.0

0.0 x 1 0.0 x 3.0
0.0 x 1.5 0.0 x 3.5
0.0 x 2.0 0.0 x 4.0
0.0 x 2.5 0.0 x 5.0

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