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Computer System maintains data security for wireless networks.

Press Release Summary:

Cisco compatible MobileLAN(TM) secure's combination of hardware and software provides access control and data security based on 802.11x IEEE security standard, resulting in lock-tight user authentication and data protection for wireless networks of any size. System supports EAP-TTLS standard in handheld terminals. MobileLAN secure allows WLAN users to realize the full benefits of mobile computing and communications with full data security.

Original Press Release:

Intermec Announces MobileLAN Secure Suite of Security Options for Wireless LANs

Portfolio supports Cisco LEAP, 802.1x, EAP-TTLS, FIPS-140 and VPN

CHICAGO, Ill., Sept. 18, 2002 - Intermec Technologies Corp. today announced MobileLAN(TM) secure, a suite of options and products that promise total security for wireless networks of any size. Intermec will demonstrate MobileLAN secure at Frontline Solutions Supply Chain Week, here through September 26.

"Wireless networks are a powerfully liberating business tool with unique security needs," said Tom Dowd, Intermec principal product manager. "Intermec developed MobileLAN secure so that all WLAN users would realize the full benefits of mobile computing and communications with the confidence of full data security."

Available in October of this year, the MobileLAN secure portfolio of security solutions is designed to address a wide range of wireless networking security concerns.

The suite includes:

o Basic/Intrinsic Security - To control the access of legacy devices to the network, Intermec employs WEP 802.11-based security protocol and Access Control List capabilities. Intermec access points can be set to filter out all but most the most proprietary WTP or UDP+ traffic, further eliminating unwanted visitors. Intermec SSID Broadcast also is available for secure access to non-802.11 devices.

o Cisco Compatibility - Intermec's popular 710 mobile computer now is available with an integrated Cisco radio which supports Cisco's LEAP security protocol. The Intermec 750 mobile computer will support EAP-LEAP as well.

o 802.1x Commercial-Grade Security - Through a partnership with FUNK Software, Intermec now offers the industry-leading Odyssey RADIUS server and clients to authenticate laptop device users, ensuring unsurpassed credential security. For smaller networks, Intermec also offers an internal RADIUS server in its wireless access points.

This combination of hardware and software provides complete access control and data security based on the 802.11x IEEE security standard, resulting in lock-tight user authentication and data protection for wireless networks.

MobileLAN secure also supports the EAP-TTLS standard in a variety of handheld terminals. EAP-TTLS does not require certificates on each device, instead employing username and password credentials for authentication. When used in conjunction with this stringent authentication method, 802.1x meets or exceeds all enterprise security requirements for wireless LAN access.

o Government-Approved Security - Fortress Technologies' AirFortress(TM) Wireless Security Solution, featuring the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140 level security, is now available to Intermec wireless network customers. AirFortress is the first 802.11 security solution to receive the U.S. government's FIPS 140 certification, a requirement for all government wireless implementations. AirFortress uses advanced wireless Link Layer Security(TM) (wLLS) and powerful AES encryption to provide the type of strength only afforded by a Layer 2 security solution.

AirFortress-equipped products provide robust protection to ensure privacy for WLANs and to defend against a wide range of attacks used to interrupt or intercept wireless LAN traffic. The Intermec and Fortress partnership brings the same level of security specified by sensitive government applications to Intermec mobile networks employing wireless data collection devices and mobile computers.

oVirtual Private Networking (VPN) - VPN suppliers NetMotion and Certicom now supply PocketPC VPN supplicants for many of Intermec's handheld terminals. VPN clients that support Windows OS are available for the company's 5055 vehicle-mounted computer.

The MobileLAN family of products, including MobileLAN secure, is strategically focused on safely empowering mobile workers operating in business-critical environments. Intermec is committed to maintaining the stability and efficiency of mobile devices, preserving the performance of wireless networks and supporting interoperability while providing various levels of security, efficient network management, and seamless integration into existing security systems.

Intermec, a wireless pioneer, developed the first wireless data collection network. Today it has more than 250,000 wireless and 500,000 wired terminals installed, including the ultimate "mission-critical" network and world's largest WLAN, NASA's Kennedy Space Center, which covers 47 square miles. Intermec was among the first companies to receive Wi-Fi(TM) certification for wireless LAN interoperability.

Intermec computers and wireless networking systems long have been favored by manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail and government customers for their durability, reliability, ease of integration and inherent investment protection.

About Intermec

Intermec Technologies Corp., a UNOVA Inc. (NYSE:UNA) company, has been named Microsoft Corp.'s OEM Embedded Partner of the Year. Intermec is a leader in global supply chain solutions and in the development, manufacture and integration of wired and wireless automated data collection, Intellitag(TM) RFID (radio frequency identification), mobile computing systems, bar code printers and label media. The company's products and services are used by customers in many industries to improve productivity, quality and responsiveness of business operations, from supply chain management and enterprise resource planning to field sales and service.

To learn more about how companies can benefit from Intermec's supply chain technologies, contact Intermec Technologies Corp., 6001 36th Ave. West, Everett, WA 98203 USA; telephone 800-347-2636; or visit Intermec's web site at To learn more about UNOVA, visit

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