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To minimize amount of displayed information available for eavesdropping, PrivateEye Pro 1.0 uses web camera to determine when user is not looking at display and blurs contents of monitor to point where typical text is illegible. In Boss mode, program displays screen capture of user's choice when they are looking away. Eavesdropper Warnings let user see who is behind them and let eavesdroppers see that they have been caught.

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Oculis Labs Announces the Release of PrivateEye Pro 1.0

Hunt Valley, MD, 12 August 2009, Oculis Labs(TM), a leading innovator in data-in-use security, today announced that it has released PrivateEye Pro 1.0. Oculis Labs PrivateEye Pro uses information about a user's visual attention to reduce the amount of displayed information available for eavesdropping.

PrivateEye Pro Eavesdropping Security Software

When PrivateEye Pro, typically using a web camera, determines that the user is not looking at the display the contents of the monitor are blurred to the point where typical text is illegible. Or in 'Boss' mode PrivateEye displays a screen capture of the user's choice. When PrivateEye Pro determines that the user is looking at the display the contents are presented normally. The effect is that visual contents are displayed only as needed by the authorized user.

In typical computer use scenarios such as in offices, coffee shops, and in the home, users do not attend to their displays 100% of the time. User's look around their environments, for example to answer the phone, speak with a colleague, read a printed document, to look down at the keyboard as they type, or to get up and leave the computer unattended. PrivateEye eliminates visual data leakage at those times. In typical scenarios, this system reduces the opportunities for eavesdroppers by up to 50%.


o Zero Configuration

o Performance Optimized

o Windows XP and Windows Vista support

o Configurable Protection Methods

o Privacy Blurring - Display is only visible when you are looking at the display

o Boss Mode - Select a screen shot of your choosing to replace the display when you are not looking

o Low Cost - Use your existing web camera in your laptop or monitor or any web camera add-on

o Oculis Labs Attention Technology - Recognizes when you are looking at your display and when you are looking away

o Eavesdropper Warnings - You see who is behind you and they see that they have been caught.

o Eavesdropper Auto-protection

o Sentinel Mode - Simply point your webcam at a door or cube opening, hallway or other area of interest and PrivateEye Pro will protect your display on sensing motion or detecting faces.

About Oculis Labs, Inc.

Oculis Labs ( ) is a developer of unique security applications for protecting computer displays against eavesdropping. Oculis Labs' patent-pending technology protects government and enterprise information against the widespread risks of shoulder-surfing, social engineering and sophisticated technical attacks. There are no similar systems in existence today. Our vision is to lead a new security market segment for data-in-use security.

For further information, please contact us at (410) 891-1701

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