Compressor Lubricant has synthetic formulation.

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Providing pour-in replacement for any ISO 32 synthetic polyglycol/ester lubricant, TurboBlend(TM) Synthetic 32 can be used in any screw or centrifugal compressor that requires ISO 32 lubricant. Fully synthetic formula features additive package for extended life and provides resistance to oxidation and varnishing. In addition to optimized heat transfer properties, lubricant offers hydrolytic stability, which is effective for high humidity applications.

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Cameron's Compression Systems Introduces an Alternative to Techtrol Gold(TM) Lubricant

Cameron's Compression Systems introduces an alternative to Techtrol Gold(TM) lubricant.

March 30th 2007 - TurboBlend(TM) Synthetic 32 is pour-in replacement for Ingersoll Rand's Techtrol Gold(TM) or any other ISO 32 Synthetic Polyglycol/Ester (PAG) lubricant.

Houston, TX (March 30th, 2007) - Cameron's Compression Systems, a leader in the design of centrifugal air compressors, has launched an alternative compressor lubricant that is a pour-in replacement for Ingersoll Rand's Techtrol Gold(TM) synthetic oil. TurboBlend(TM) Synthetic 32 is a polyglycol/ester synthetic lubricant formulated to meet the demanding operating conditions like those found in the Ingersoll Rand Centac(TM) and other type of compressors. TurboBlend(TM) Synthetic 32 can be used in any screw or centrifugal compressor that requires an ISO 32 lubricant. Independent tests show that our lubricant meets or exceeds the Ingersoll Rand Centac(TM) lubrication specification. Years of testing and real world use confirms that TurboBlend(TM) Synthetic 32 is an exceptional pour-in replacement for Techtrol Gold(TM) and Sullube 32(TM).

TurboBlend(TM) Synthetic 32 Advantages:
o Fully synthetic lubricant formulated from the highest quality Polyglycol base stock
o Provides longer lubricant life due to a superior additive package
o Excellent resistance to oxidation and varnishing
o Provides outstanding heat transfer properties
o Superior hydrolytic stability, effective for high humidity applications
o Better suited for compressors than PAO synthetics
o Very good seal compatibility
o Reduces hydrocarbon emissions
o Competitively priced compared with other synthetic lubricants

For more information contact Sherry Hicks, Customer Support Specialist, Cameron Compression Systems, tel: (270) 653-5055, e-mail, or visit

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