Compressed Air Dryer works without heat.

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Hydrobloc HB Series heatless desiccant dryer provides ultra dry compressed air down to -100°F dewpoint. It includes maintenance free shuttle valves, high efficiency coalescing prefilter, and particulate removal afterfilter. Dryers are available in 17 models rated from 55 to 3,250 scfm. Non-lubricated switching valve works with 2 solenoid-operated purge valves.

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New Hydrobloc(R) HB Series Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer by Deltech

Deltech's new Hydrobloc® HB Series heatless desiccant compressed air dryer is a complete compressed air drying package with outstanding standard features such as maintenance free shuttle valves, high efficiency coalescing prefilter and particulate removal afterfilter. The optional -100°F dewpoint package will provide the ultra dry air required for critical compressed air applications.

By including the filters as standard equipment, we have ensured that the filters are of proper rating and quality to enhance the performance of the dryer. The additional costs associated with installing and piping the filters as add-ons has been eliminated. The key to the reliability of the Hydrobloc® HB Series dryer is the proprietary shuttle valve. Specially designed to meet the rigorous operating demands of continuous-service desiccant dryers, the switching valve has only one moving part and requires no lubrication. The non-lubricated switching valve, working in conjunction with two solenoid-operated purge valves, replaces up to 13 separate valves used in other designs. The valve design and use of non-corroding materials of construction ensure reliable switching for the life of the dryer.

The Compu-Save energy management system is the ideal accessory to the HB Series dryers. Compu-Save will deliver significant energy savings if your dryer operates less than 24 hours a day, under less than full load or under fluctuating operating conditions.

The Hydrobloc® HB Series dryers are currently available in 17 models rated from 55 to 3,250 scfm.

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