Compounding System processes virgin and recycled polymers.

Press Release Summary:

GELIMAT(R) uses thermokinetic principle to completely mix, heat, and compound products within 5 to 20 seconds. Short thermal history of polymers prevents degradation. Products attain flux temperatures in seconds and are delivered to downstream section for shaping. GELIMAT processes PE, UHMWPE, PP, PVC, PVDC, ABS, and virtually any thermoplastic or thermoset resin.

Original Press Release:

New Ultra High Speed Gelimat(R) Compounding System Introduced

Draiswerke, Inc., internationally known as a manufacturer of mixing, compounding, micro-grinding/dispersing equipment for a wide variety of applications, announces the availability of its newly designed GELIMAT(R) Compounding System.

The GELIMAT's® unique mixing and compounding technology, based on thermokinetic principle, meets with advanced process control technology. Utilizing the latest advancements of process control technology, the new GELIMAT® can accomplish multiple changes in process parameters during the brief cycle times of 5-20 seconds.

Operating Characteristics

The GELIMAT® technology provides for an extremely efficient
mixing/compounding process. The GELIMAT® thermokinetic principle reduces compounding time to a matter of seconds. Compounded material is ejected automatically by an electronic temperature sensor through a discharge door. The ejected material can then be fed into a melt pump, a short barrel extruder, calender, molding system or any other shaping device. The entire system is
coupled to advanced process controls that allow the user to change any or all process parameters with the touch of a finger. The process control system also logs and graphically displays the actual process parameters as they occur.

Process Advantages

This GELIMAT® completely mixes, heats and compounds products within 5-20 seconds. Therefore the thermal heat history of the Polymers is extremely short, preventing degradation associated with other compounding systems.

The products attain flux temperatures in a matter of seconds and are delivered to the downstream section for shaping.

Ideally suited for the processing of both Virgin and Recycled Polymers and highly loaded compounds.

The GELIMAT® processes PE, UHMWPE, PP, PVC, PVDC, ABS and virtually any Thermoplastic or Thermoset Resin, alloyed, highly filled and/or virgin.

Low cost recycled plastics can be fluxed and re-processed with wood flour/natural fibers and/or any other organic or inorganic fibers.

The GELIMAT® is also able to accommodate moisture in the product whereas an additional drying system would be required when using conventional systems.

The GELIMAT® provides for shorter processing times, less maintenance requirements, lower capital investment, better dispersion and mixing quality, and fully automated process control.

The GELIMAT® is available in a range of sizes from laboratory to large-scale production systems. A one (1) litre laboratory model is available for test work at DRAISWERKE'S Mahwah, New Jersey Customer Service Laboratory.

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