Compound Microscopes feature infinity-corrected optics.

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Suited for laboratories, industrial facilities, clinics, and universities, Series 1300 clinical compound microscopes support Koehler illumination for promoting uniform brightness and eliminating glare. Products come with focusing controls, high-eyepoint eyepieces, and soft eyecups. Brightfield models use common illumination technique, while phase contrast models use special lighting configurations.

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New Affordable Clinical Microscopes Offer Advanced Features

VanGuard Microscopes, manufacturers of complete turn-key microscope systems, introduces a new series of affordable clinical compound microscopes. The 1300 series models have features often available only on research-grade microscopes, such as infinity-corrected optics. The advanced features, ergonomic design, and cost-effective price of the microscopes will benefit scientists in laboratories, industrial facilities, clinics, and universities.

The 1300 series microscopes have focusing controls that are low on the base, which alleviates wrist strain. "Our goal is to make quality microscopes we'd enjoy using," commented Paul Wendling, Marketing Manager and Product Developer at VanGuard. To further increase the comfort and efficiency of the new models, VanGuard added high-eyepoint, super-widefield eyepieces and soft eyecups. High-eyepoint eyepieces save users who wear eyeglasses from having to remove them when viewing a specimen. Those with perfect vision and those who wear glasses can expect a clear image.

The new microscopes support Koehler illumination, a process that promotes uniform brightness and eliminates glare. Users can center the field diaphragm to optimize the passage of light through the specimen and out the eyepieces, part of achieving Koehler illumination. In addition, the 1300 series has an infinity optical system, a feature traditionally limited to high-end research microscopes. Infinity-corrected models are available on all models with plan achromatic objectives and start below one thousand U.S. dollars.

Lab professionals can choose from nine different models in the 1300 series, depending on application needs. Brightfield models use the most common illumination technique while phase contrast models use special lighting configurations to induce contrast without staining, especially useful in wine making, biological applications, and asbestos testing. To add more versatility, VanGuard added a brightfield and darkfield stop on the phase contrast models.

"VanGuard microscopes are as easy to buy as they are to use," remarked Product Developer Paul Wendling, adding, "We design the VanGuards as complete systems so users don't have to fuss around with an endless list of parts essential to using the microscopes." On the other hand, additional extended options are available, such as digital camera packages and eyepiece reticles. For its 1300 series trinocular models, VanGuard currently offers a digital camera package with microscopy software that supports live streaming video and still image capture on-screen.

About VanGuard Microscopes

VanGuard Microscopes, developed by VEE GEE Scientific Inc., has a wide line of microscopes that integrate high-level specifications and user-friendly features. VanGuard's line of complete turn-key systems includes brightfield, phase contrast, fluorescence, industrial, inverted, stereo, and educational microscopes. The mission at VanGuard Microscopes is to supply laboratories, industrial facilities, clinics, and universities with the best possible microscopes at an affordable price, allowing users to see images with the best clarity and resolution, work more efficiently, and advance scientific research.

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