Compound is used for underfill and encapsulating applications.

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TRA-CAST 3108 two part epoxy casting paste works on wide range of surfaces, including glass, ceramics, metals, plastics, and many electronic materials. It is all-liquid, low viscosity product with good flow and wetting characteristics. Casting compound can be cured at room temperature with little or no shrinkage, and it resists all weather conditions, gases, galvanic action, petroleum fuels, alcohol, salt, acids and bases.

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TRA-CAST 3108 General Purpose Epoxy Casting Compound

If your application requires a high quality casting compound, you don't need to worry any longer. TRA-CON has been a world leader in epoxy adhesives for 30 years, and we carry a wide range of quality casting compounds. The TRA-CAST 3108 is designed for underfill and encapsulating applications where a combination of superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties are required.

TRA-CAST 3108 is a two part paste sold in our custom BIPAX packaging. This packaging allows you, the customer, the freedom to use small quantities on an as needed basis or to use in mass production.

TRA-CAST 3108 is an all liquid system, low viscosity product with excellent flow and wetting characteristics. These properties ensure easy application. In addition, TRA-CAST 3108 is an excellent casting choice for a wide range of surfaces, ranging from glass and ceramics, to metals and plastics, along with many other electronic materials. This product can be cured at room temperature, with little or no shrinkage. TRA-CAST 3108 is also designed to resistant all weather conditions, gases, galvanic action, petroleum fuels, alcohol, salt, acids and bases.

TRA-CAST 3108 can be applied with ease to a wide range of surfaces, offers the strength and dependability you expect from TRA-CON, along with resistance that will ensure the long life and smooth operation of your products. If this sounds like a product that will meet your casting needs, please contact our Application Engineering Department at 1- 800-TRA-CONI or by fax, 781-275-9249. Our team of experts are on hand to answer questions and offer you FREE samples.

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