Composite Worm Gears Increase Efficiency and Wear Life in Tough Applications

Closter, NJ: Power-Core(TM) composite worm gears from Intech Corporation replace industry-standard bronze gears in demanding operations to increase transmission efficiency with quieter, longer-wearing performance.

A 1,000 hour test comparison that measured gear performance between the Intech Power-Core gear and a case-hardened ground steel worm gear attests to the ability of the material to absorb shock load and vibrations. Data recorded average noise reduction of 6 dB, with up to an 8% increase in gear transmission efficiency and no wear detected on the 6.5 PD Power Core worm gear.

The tough, self-lubricating properties of the composite gear material enable Intech Power-Core worm drives to outlast conventional bronze worm gears. Unlike bronze worm gears, the Power-Core material does not require special grade oil or frequent oil changes and the composite material does not generate abrasive particles which become suspended in the oil as a contaminant that contributes to wear.

In applications such as conveyors for glass washing or light load semi-conductor manufacturing machinery, the Intech Power-Core worm gears run with only light grease lubrication, or completely dry. Even in high torque applications that result in friction, the self-lubricating Power-Core worm gear can run for extended periods without lubrication.

The mating worm shaft can be made of conventional materials utilizing standard manufacturing methods.

The low-maintenance Power-Core composite worm gears use readily available machine oil to lubricate the gear box, instead of the more expensive specialized synthetic oil that is recommended for bronze worm gears.

Intech engineers offer proprietary gear calculations to assist in worm gear size, design parameters and wear-life projections.

For more information, please contact Mr. Georg Bartosch: Intech Corporation; 250 Herbert Avenue; Closter, NJ 07624; Tel: (201) 767-7797;

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