Composite Testing added to Accutek's ISO 17025 Scope

Accutek is pleased to announce that our scope of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA now includes composite polymer materials testing.

Ryan Castells, Associate Director of Mechanical Testing and one of Accutek's experts in composite materials testing, says "Composite material development has exploded based on the increased demand for lighter, more efficient materials used in aerospace and automotive applications. Testing the unique properties of many composite materials requires specialized knowledge. Accutek's increased ISO 17025 scope of service to include composite materials testing demonstrates that know-how."

Newly added tests for include:

Test Method Test Description
ASTM D3410/3410M Compressive Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials with Unsupported Gage Section by Shear Loading
ASTM D7137/7137M Compressive Residual Strength Properties of Damaged Polymer Matrix Composite Plates
ASTM D7136/7136M Damage Resistance of a Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite to a Drop Weight Impact Event
ASTM D3039/3039M Tensile Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials
ASTM D3518/3518M In Plane Shear Response of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials by Tensile Test of a 45 Laminate
ASTM D3479/3479M Tension Fatigue of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials


Please visit to view our full A2LA certification, and for more information regarding Accutek’s various testing accreditations.

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