Composite Cylinder Tubing offers low coefficient of friction.

Press Release Summary:

AeroSlide(TM) provides self-lubricating wear surface, eliminating piston sticking in applications where piston remains static for extended periods of time. Tubing will not corrode, is thermally stable, and can be used as replacement for honed stainless steel tubing. It resists corrosive liquids, works in temperatures from -100 to 225 deg F, and resists impingement, making it suitable for applications where velocity debris is present.

Original Press Release:

Polygon Launches AeroSlide (TM) "Liner-Less (TM)" Composite Cylinder Tubing


In the mid 1990's Polygon began a development program to redesign the existing composite cylinder tubing material being supplied to the fluid power industry and in an effort to target the metallic cylinder tubing conventionally used in the industrial equipment marketplace. For decades, the conventional composite cylinder tubing had been a gel coated filament wound structure. While this provided some performance advantages, it also was a costly solution due to the multi-stage manufacturing process required to make a completed composite cylinder.

In addition, new EPA regulations had begun to limit the production rates possible for the styrene-related gel coat itself (known in the industry as MACT regulations). The result of all these factors was that Polygon felt its existing PolySlide(TM) material did not present a long term, design driven solution to the market's needs.

The new product, AeroSlide(TM) composite cylinder tubing, eliminates known problems with metal cylinder materials as well as gel-coated composite cylinder tubing. Advantages over conventional cylinder tubing include:

- Inherently self-lubricating composite wear surface integrated through wall.

- Lower coefficient of friction during cycling.

- Longer seal life during operation.

- Eliminates manufacturing concerns related to EPA regulations.

- No delamination of gel-coated liner is possible.

- Impact and fatigue resistance of liner is improved.

- Higher degree of embeddability of wear surface.

Product Description

AeroSlide(TM) cylinder tubing was designed not just as a replacement to existing gel-coated composite tubing, but also as a replacement for conventional honed or plated metal tubing. Due to its composite construction, AeroSlide tubing greatly diminishes many performance problems associated with metal cylinders. Piston sticking is eliminated especially in applications where the piston remains static for extended periods of time. Additionally, AeroSlide cylinder tubing will not corrode in hostile environmental and is inherently thermally stable.

AeroSlide Special Features

Smooth Cylinder Walls - Typical inner surfaces measure 5-15 micro-inch.

Excellent Impingement Resistance - Ideal for applications where moderate velocity debris cause metal cylinders to fail.

Wide Temperature Range - Suitable from -100deg F through 225deg F.

Corrosion Resistant - Extremely resistant to a variety of corrosive liquids.

Light Weight - 0.068 lbs/in3.

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