Complete Seal Spiral Pipe System

2010 was an exciting year at Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. Along with every day operations, the Minneapolis, MN based company released Complete Seal a new self sealing system of gasketed fittings for spiral duct applications.

The concept behind the product is simple. Complete Seal creates an air tight connection without having to go back and caulk or apply duct sealant to the transverse joints. This results in both labor savings to the contractor and a clean aesthetically pleasing system for the end user. Since its initial release in 2010 many of Sheet Metal Connector's customers have seen labor savings on their projects. Tessier's Inc. was able to use Sheet Metal Connectors new Complete Seal System on a recent project. Steve Horner the project manager had this to say about Complete Seal, " We were impressed with the productivity, and our field personnel appreciated the ease of installation. We will definitely utilize Complete Seal again."

SMC spent months in the R&D process, designing their gasket profile and a lean manufacturing method for the product line. SMC has brought in state of the art equipment to mechanically fasten the EPDM rubber gaskets. We strive for maximum efficiency during manufacturing from the orientation of the machinery, to the steps in the process, to the implementation of an extensive conveyor system.

Complete Seal fittings are manufactured from galvanized steel meeting spec ASTM A-653 (Lockforming quality). They feature a double legged EPDM rubber gasket to guarantee an airtight fit when slipped into spiral pipe. Gaskets are mechanically fixed to the fittings with a 180 degree hemmed edge. This hem gives added rigidity to the fittings, ensures that the gaskets will never slip out of place and creates a safe rounded edge for the installer.

SMC Complete seal fittings have been third party independently tested to meet the requirements of SMACNA Leakage Class 3 for -2" w.g. to +10" w.g. Testing was conducted by Bal Tech, Inc. Samples were tested for leakage at varying positive and negative pressures, using a variety of different round diameters and gauges. Test data is available upon request. The EPDM rubber gaskets have operating temperature of -40 degrees to +250 degrees Fahrenheit. The smoke and flame spread is 0/0 in
compliance with ASTM E-84-91A.

SMC has also added the Complete Seal end treatment to their EZ Tap Takeoff Collars as well as the Super HETO (High Efficiency Takeoff). The body of the Super HETO is die-stamped. This allows all corners of the intake to be radius, decreasing pressure drop downstream and increasing efficiency. Patrick Olwig, Regional Product Sales Manager of Langendorf Supply Company Inc."We have always stocked the EZ Taps and HETO's from Sheet Metal Connectors. Engineers and contractors love the one piece design which minimizes leakage and maximizes airflow. Having Complete Seal come standard on these products allows us to sell real value to our customers. Our customers save labor by not having to go back and seal transverse joints. These items are high quality and innovative products from a reliable manufacturer."

Another benefit of the 180 degree hemmed edge is the rigidity that it adds to the takeoff collars and spiral pipe connectors. SMC has been able to maintain their shop specifications, yet make the product more robust. This helps during transportation as well as on site storage, where sheet metal fittings often are handled multiple times before installation.

SMC has had many customers comment on the labor savings as well as the clean look of the product. Mike Renstrom , President of Modern Heating & Air Conditioning had this to say, "We have installed several new projects using exposed spiral ductwork with the "Complete Seal" fittings. These fittings have saved us installation time and eliminated the mess of duct caulking. The exposed ductwork has a much cleaner appearance. Thanks for the new product!"

Installing Complete Seal Fittings is quick and easy. Simply insert the fitting into the spiral duct all the way up to the spiral stop bead. Secure in place with self tapping sheet metal screws. Fittings will fit snugly inside the pipe to ensure a tight seal. Screws must be placed within one inch of the spiral stop bead and at uniform intervals not to exceed 15" along the circumference. A minimum of three screws must be used on all diameters 14" or less. Move along to the next piece of duct (no added sealant or calk is needed)

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