Company Grips Market Demand for Softness and Durability

Soft and durable EPDM Grips are made in the USA

Arnold, MO - October 9, 2009 - Durability is often associated with words like rough and tough so it may seem odd to mix a word like soft with the word durable. Yet GripWorks manufactures foam hand grips and foam tubing with exactly these qualities, and it is exactly what the market demands. Durable and tough enough to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, yet soft to the touch, these foam grips and foam rubber tubing are in demand by manufacturers of lawn and garden tools, outdoor power equipment, mops and brooms, exercise equipment and more.

Ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber is a type of synthetic rubber, an elastomer. Playgrounds and swimming pool decks use EPDM for some components. Many industries use EPDM rubber including the roofing and automotive markets. The main property of EPDM material is its resistance to extreme outdoor elements, such as water and intense sunlight. "Who hasn't left the rake out in the yard all day and all night after a storm? Manufacturers know this will happen, and they need confidence in a grip or tube when they slide it over their garden rakes and other equipment," says Jeff John, National Sales Manager for GripWorks. Further confirmation comes from Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Marketing. "EPDM rubber grips and tubing are essential to providing protection from severe weather conditions and other abuses. GripWorks provides other original equipment manufacturers with a product that meets their needs and, our foam grips and tubing are produced in the USA," said Mr. Barket.

GripWorks can provide EPDM hand grips and foam rubber tubing in a variety of styles and sizes. Foam rubber tubing and grips are readily available in black. During the manufacturing process of foam rubber tubing and grips, an outside layer or skin forms as a result of the curing process. The foam tube is smooth to the touch and often used as a final product.

There is another option to give the rubber tubing and foam grips a different look and feel. Known as a sculpted or buffed foam grip or tube, in this process the skin is removed through a grinding action resulting in a grip or tubing with an upscale, cushioned appearance and a no-slip finish. GripWorks created various unique contour designs for this buffed foam process allowing them to offer multiple style foam grips featuring tapered varieties and more. Although the straight cut ends of the rubber tubing or foam grip do not need further processing, there is a choice to add a finished look to the end or ends. Known as radiused ends, the grinding action uniformly rounds off the ends of the foam grip or rubber tubing.

Visit GripWorks on the web,, for full details of all grips and tubing available or call 800-827-GRIP (4747).

About GripWorks:

GripWorks is the single source for all your gripping needs. Manufacturing quality grips since 1950, GripWorks is the world's most innovative manufacturer of hand grips for use in the hand tool, lawn and garden, exercise and health care equipment, ergonomics industries, and more. Combining years of experience, the latest design technology, and state of the art manufacturing expertise ensures that grips produced in our plants are of the highest quality. Call GripWorks today and put our grip knowledge and manufacturing expertise to the test. We promise to satisfy all your grip requirements.

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