Companies Join Forces to Solve Ventilator Issue

Cygnus Manufacturing Company (“CMC”) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high precision products and components for the medical device, transportation, energy, and aerospace industries. CMC provides fullservice manufacturing from prototype through production.

As an FDA compliant and ISO 13485 medical devices certified manufacturer, a leading US ventilator company approached CMC at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic requesting expeditious assistance to substantially increase its production of a specialty valve in response to the country’s shortage of life-saving ventilators.

The ventilator company had a chrome on brass part which required measuring thirty-one datapoints after the part was manufactured and also after it was plated. Importantly, as a medical device manufacturer, they needed CMC to document all measurements. CMC currently manufactured this valve, but the substantial increase in required production volume in a compressed time frame necessitated a much faster and more automated measuring capability.

CMC needed a precision optical instrument designed to scan and measure cylindrical parts in seconds, not minutes. CMC turned to Inspection Technologies to identify a metrology solution for this emergency production. As an OGP® representative, Inspection Technologies suggested a TurnCheck™, a precision optical instrument, equipped with system software that is both intelligent and intuitive.

Since CMC needed a solution immediately to ramp-up production, Inspection Technologies worked with OGP to expedite the TurnCheck order and production. OGP was able to fast-track the delivery. Craig Harding, Chairman and CEO of Cygnus Manufacturing Company, stated “We were extremely pleased with the speed of OGP’s responsiveness and the high-quality performance of the TurnCheck system, allowing immediate increased ventilator production to help meet the country’s demand during this crisis.” OGP President, R. Stephen Flynn added “It is with great pleasure that we were able to meet the expectations of this customer to enable the manufacturing of such an important product during this difficult time.”

About Optical Gaging Products (OGP®):
Optical Gaging Products (OGP®,, a division of Quality Vision International Inc (QVI®,, is the world’s largest vision metrology company. Founded in Rochester in 1945, QVI manufactures optical and multisensor instruments used by industry worldwide to measure critical dimensions on a wide variety of parts and assemblies. Manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics and plastics industries use QVI systems to monitor and improve their product quality and productivity.

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