CompactPCI Boards utilize Pentium M processor.

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Compliant to PICMG standards, 6U Models cPCI-6840, cPCI-6841, and cPCI-6842 combine Intel Pentium M processor up to 1.6 GHz, L2 cache, and 855GME MCH, which includes integrated 250 MHz 32-bit 3D/2D graphics engine capable of supporting simulations, CRT, and flat panel displays. Model cPCI-6840 features 64-bit/66 MHz Universal PCI-X bus, while Models cPCI-6841 and cPCI-6842 include 32-bit/33 MHz CompactPCI, dual Gigabit Ethernet, and on-board 2.5 in. HDD drive bay.

Original Press Release:

A Full Family of High-Speed Low-Power Universal Pentium® M CompactPCI Computer Boards

~ Faster Time-to-Market, Compliant to PICMG standards ~

Irvine, CA (July 13, 2005) - ADLINK Technology Inc., a leading manufacturer of PC-based industrial computers for measurement, automation, and communication, announces the newest additions to its 6U CompactPCI board family, the cPCI-6841 and cPCI-6842. The cPCI-6840 family combines Intel's latest high performance low power processor the Pentium® M with the 855GME MCH and two different I/O controller hubs. The Pentium® M has a highly efficient instruction execution unit and coupled with a large L2 cache; it can outperform other processors at the same clock speed. The 855GME has an integrated 250MHz 32-bit 3D/2D graphics engine capable of supporting simulations CRT and flat panel displays. The ICH packs a plethora of peripherals include Serial ATA 150, PATA, USB 2.0, watchdog timer, and serial port.

"The CompactPCI form factor continues to find applications outside of the telecommunications industry. By creating a family of cPCI- 6840 products, ADLINK offers more choices in price and performance. This allows for better acceptance in applications requiring the board space of a 6U product but without extra functions such as the IPMI (PICMG 2.9). By creating families of products, a broader market acceptance can be achieved," said Bruce P. McGrath, ADLINK Vice President Sales and Marketing.

The cPCI-6840 Features:
Low Voltage Intel® Pentium® M Processor up to 1.6GHz
Long Life Embedded Intel® 855GME Chipset
PICMG 2.16 Packet Switching Backplane Compliant
64-Bit/66MHz Universal PCI-X Bus
Front Panel I/O: Dual PMC, Gigabit LAN, SATA, USB 2.0, DVI, Video, LVDS Panel & Optional SCSI

The cPCI-6841 Features:
Two DDR 333 SO-DIMM/2GB max. Memory w/ECC Optional
Dual Gigabit Ethernet
32-bit/33MHz CompactPCI
One 32-bit/33MHz PMC site
On-board 2.5°R HDD drive bay & CompactFlash socket
Front Panel I/O: VGA, USB,KB/MS, Two GbE, COM

The cPCI-6842 Features:
Two DDR 333 DIMM/2GB max. Memory w/ECC Optional
Dual Gigabit Ethernet
32-bit/33MHz CompactPCI
One 32-bit/33MHz PMC site
On-board 2.5" HDD drive bay
Hot-swappable CompactFlash socket
Front Panel I/O: VGA, Two USB,KB/MS, LPT, Two GbE, Two COM ports

ADLNK Technology Inc.
ADLINK Technology is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality PC based add-on cards for test & measurement, automation and process control industries. ADLINK is also quickly emerging as a leader in industrial computing products with innovative passive backplane and CompactPCI platforms. ADLINK products are marketed globally through direct sales offices for OEM customers and an extensive network of worldwide sales channels.

The company has over 30% of its employees in research and development for the following product groups:

Test & Measurement: NuDAQ Series of ISA/PCI/cPCI/USB data acquisition and communication cards, NuDAM series of remote Data Acquisition Modules and DAQBench Active X Controls for visual programming and control.

Automation: Motion controllers in cPCI/PCI/PC104 form factors and wire-saving high-speed I/O technology for real-time control applications.

Computer & Communication: CompactPCI and PXI computing platforms in both 3U and 6U form factors and PCI-X series of PICMG Single Board Computers in Half and Full size versions.

Eun-Jung Bae, Marketing Associate
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