Compact Turbo Molecular Pumps have integrated power supplies.

Press Release Summary:

Intended for semiconductor and flat panel display manufactures, TMP-X2905/X3405 series handles pumping of corrosive gases used in etching equipment (hard processing). Rotation speed of turbines produces vacuum which enables pumping at molecular flow level. Anti-corrosive coating and dynamic seals prevent erosion, and pumping speeds range from 300–4,000 Lps. Ranging in size from 350 x 458 mm to 400 x 395 mm, pumps integrate temperature control function and do not require racks or cables.

Original Press Release:

Shimadzu Launches New Series of Compact Turbo Molecular Pumps

On 2 September 2013, Shimadzu Corporation will launch the company's new 'TMP-X2905/X3405' series of turbo molecular pumps with integrated power supplies and 3000 L/s class pumping speeds for semiconductor and flat panel display manufactures.

Turbo molecular pumps (TMP) produce a vacuum due to the high speed rotation of turbines that enables vacuum pumping at the molecular flow level. TMP are essential components for the manufacture of semiconductors and flat panel displays where oil free, clean, high vacuums are essential.

The pumps in this series are extremely versatile, being compact with integrated power supplies for installation in both light and hard processes.

Shimadzu Corporation positions TMP as global strategic products in its product portfolio and will expand sales of the TMP-X series to North America, Taiwan, Korea, and China.

Following the recent fall in the price of electronics equipment incorporating semiconductor devices and flat panel displays, there are growing demands for innovative methods to reduce the costs of semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing equipment.

Regarding turbo molecular pumps attached to manufacturing equipment, there are growing needs for a move away from pumps where power supplies are connected with separate cables, to pumps where the power supplies are integrated into the body of the TMP itself. Such 'integrated power supply' TMP would enable a reduction in the number of parts for manufacturing equipment, and enable reductions in costs.

Shimadzu Corporation already sells the TMP-V series of pumps with integrated power supplies for pumping inert gases used in sputter systems for 'light processing'. This series of pumps have had excellent customer reviews globally. The TMP-X series were developed for pumping corrosive gases used in etching equipment - so called 'hard processing'.

Notably, the TMP-X series will offer pumping speeds from 300 L/s to 4000 L/s to address the multifaceted needs of semiconductor and flat panel display manufactures.

Main features of the TMP-X series

1. Industry's most compact TMP with an integrated power supply

Redesign of conventional integrated power supply TMP enabled a 15% reduction in the height of the new pump whilst maintaining the pumping performance. Also, the TMP-X pumps are almost the same size as the main body of conventional TMP with separate power supply cables that are used for hard processing.

Pumps in the TMP-X series do not require racks and cables - as is the case in conventional separate power supply TMP - thus this series offers a greater degree of freedom in the design of low cost, small footprint manufacturing equipment.

2. Cope with hard processes employing corrosive gases

The incorporation of a pump temperature control function and improvement of the motor power output has enabled the use of the TMP-X series of pumps for manufacturing processes involving high gas flow rates and reactive gases.

Furthermore, Shimadzu Corporation has continued to employ anti-corrosive coating and dynamic seals in the new pumps, thus preventing erosion of the TMP and ensuring high reliability even for hard processes employing highly corrosive gases.

3. Low power consumption

The use of a newly developed power unit and high efficiency motor has enabled a 15% reduction (under conditions of zero load) in the power consumption compared to conventional turbo molecular pumps. This series of TMP have a low load impact on the environment.


Product name:

Magnetic bearing type integrated turbo molecular pump

'TMP-X2905 series' and 'TMP-X3405 series'


TMP-X2905 series - 5,100,000 JPY (excluding tax)

TMP-X3405 series - 5,500,000 JPY (excluding tax)


TMP-X2905 series (VG250) - Phi 350 x H458 mm, 115kg

TMP-X3405 series (VG300) - Phi 400 x H395 mm, 89kg

Planned sales:

500 units (First year include TMP-X2905/X3405)

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