Compact Stepper Motors are driven by Nanodrive(TM).

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Bipolar NEMA size 11 PEE 5-Phase Stepper Motors consist of PEE533A(B) and PEE535A(B) versions. Former has 4.7 oz-in. max holding torque with 31 mm body length and weighs 3.9 oz, while latter has 8.5 oz-in. holding torque, measures 50.5 mm long, and weighs less than 7 oz. Both have 28 mm case diameter. Able to resist hostile operating environments, motors operate from 500-500,000 steps-per-revolution and offer step angle accuracy of ±5 min.

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NYDEN's New NEMA Size 11 PEE Stepper Motor Series

Introducing the Smallest 5-Phase Stepper Motor Available; Performs Optimal Nano Resolution When Driven by the NanoDrive(TM).

San Jose, CA-Designed mainly for the automated device and machinery OEMs requiring nano speed precision and high torque in a stepper motor of compact structural size, NYDEN CORPORATION introduces its new NEMA size 11 precision 5-Phase Stepper Motor series. At the forefront of optimizing mechatronic solutions and the originator of the popular-selling NanoDrive(TM) introduced the first quarter of 2003 (the world's first servo-comparable stepper motor & drive series capable of reaching up to 500,000 steps-per-revolution), NYDEN continues to focus on and advance Nano Motion Control Technology to greater heights with its new compact-sized PEE 5-Phase Stepper Motor series. This new line of bipolar stepper motors offers exceptional levels of smoothness and ultra fine precision in the smallest motor frame size of the 5-phase stepper variety on the market today, and boasts the fundamental design upon which all new Nano Motion Control Systems are based.

The PEE series consists of two types of motors: versions PEE533A(B) and PEE535A(B). The former has a maximum holding torque of 4.7 Oz-in with a 31mm overall body length, and weighs in at an incredibly light load of 3.9 ounces. The latter's holding torque is 8.5 Oz-in, with a body length of 50.5mm and a weight of less than 7 ounces. Both have a 28mm case diameter, thereby making them a perfect option to fit within most mechanically-designed enclosures associated within the semiconductor, medical/scientific, robotic, food, industrial machine, and aerospace/military industries. The motors are virtually maintenance free, and designed specifically to resist even the most hostile operating environment in order to fit a wide variety of motion control speed, torque, resolution and positioning applications. Their internal rigidity and durability provide optimal smoothness in rotation at the lowest speed possible.

Both motors are able to operate from 500 steps-per-revolution (0.72º Full Step) when using NYDEN's general 5-Phase AC or DC driver to 500,000 (0.00072º 1/1000th Step) steps-per-revolution when driven by our NanoDrive(TM) series. Furthermore, the new size 11 compact steppers have been distinctively designed to compliment the NanoDrive(TM) and fulfill the driver's capability of reaching 16 resolution settings programmable from 1/1 step to 1/1000 step with the highest degree of interoperability. Optimal output characteristics, a stronger cooling efficiency, and uplifted features aimed at angular position accuracy and torque enhancement are designed in the new series to establish exceptional responsive control. Wired by the PEE stepper series, the NanoDrive's capability of providing smooth running operation while retaining critical torque needed is enhanced; overload endurance is maximized due to a more effective heat dissipating motor-driver unit operating in typical environments with temperatures ranging close to 80º (F).

With a step angle accuracy of +/- 5 minutes and an operating environment temperature of -10ºC~+50ºC, NYDEN's new PEE Stepper Motor Series offers worldwide engineers the latest technology in stepper motor-drive apparatus, along with a quick design cycle at the most affordable pricing applicable in today's global market place. With the appropriate drive, the series accepts PULSE & DIRECTION or CLOCKWISE/COUNTERCLOCKWISE position commands for simplified set-up. They are presently available as single and double shafted models with a .75 amp winding. Gear mechanisms available from NYDEN can also be mounted onto the motors for enhanced torque and power.

NYDEN CORPORATION, located in San Jose, California, is the R&D and sales headquarters for MYCOM, INC., of Kyoto, Japan. The company's unique approach to customer service success is achieved by the support of thousands of engineers and end-users worldwide. A multi-million dollar company, NYDEN is proud to carry MYCOM's patented 5-Phase STAR Driver Stepping Systems, a series of low-cost 5-Phase stepper motors and drivers that offer increased true resolution with virtually no low speed resonance problems. The company is also the first to design the world's highest Nano-type 5-Phase Series. The NanoDrive(TM) offers users true resolution of over 500,000 steps per revolution for the highest accuracy and lowest vibration possible.

NYDEN CORPORATION supplies a new generation of motion control systems geared for every type of application. We offer 5-phase & 2-phase stepper motors with matching drivers, customized multi-axis programmable stand-alone controllers for steppers and digital servos, ISA and PCI-Bus motion controller cards, and a variety of motion-related accessories. We also work as contractors toward the design of our customers' most fundamental motion control-related application.

For a copy of NYDEN's full color motion control engineer's guide, contact Mr. Roger O'Tate Sullivan at 408-232-7700, or for more information, please look us up at

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