Compact Scribing Machine features 40 x 50 mm marking field.

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Equipped with pneumatic components, high resistance styluses, and rigid mechanical guidance system, Model XF510Cr can mark almost any material to depth of 0.2 mm. Precise positioning of marking head means that, as well as scoring, system can make Datamatrix marks with vertical percussion movements. Unit's UC500 remote control features interface in 19 languages, manages 14 types of keypads, and uses universal power supply compatible from 90-250 V.

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XF510Cr, a Compact & High-Speed Scribing Machine

Technifor is completing its range of scribing machines with the introduction of the XF510Cr. Extremely compact and boasting multiple communication interfaces, it is the ideal solution for integrating on the production line, on turning platforms or on robot arms. Its compact size does not detract from its performance since the XF510Cr has the identical capacities of other models in the scribing range: noticeably quiet, it offers the best scribing speeds on the market and can combine DataMatrix codes. With its three models, XF510Cr, XF510Sr and XF510DR (with a marking field of 160mm x 50mm), Technifor continues to offer the most adaptable solution to all the industry's scribing needs.

To develop the new XF510Cr, the challenge was to design a compact machine, of only 9kg for a volume of 6dm3, while maintaining the performance levels of other models in the range. To do this, the mechanical system that guides the marking head and the associated electronics have been redesigned. Extremely easy to integrate, its high marking speed also helps to cut cycle time on production lines. It can function completely in real time. The precise positioning of the marking head means that, as well as scoring, it can make Datamatrix marks with vertical percussion movements.

The XF510Cr is extremely powerful: it can mark almost any material (particularly metals) to a depth of 0.2mm whereas other machines on the market can only mark 'soft' materials to this depth. This marking strength is down to three factors: the optimized pneumatic components; the specific high resistance styluses; and a very rigid mechanical guidance system that does not distort when it is moving.

The XF510Cr is easy to use. Its remote control unit, the UC500, is designed to be used throughout the world. It comprises an interface in 19 languages, managing 14 types of keypad, and uses a universal power supply compatible from 90 to 250 volts. A production line designed in one country can therefore be exported throughout the world without a single modification. The monitoring software is also very user-friendly, using pictograms and proposing possible multiple markings, such as: fixed text, variable text (dates, counters, shifts, variables), logos and DataMatrix codes.

The XF510Cr sets a marking field of 40mm x 50mm. Its memory has been upgraded to handle up to 2000 marking documents. Numerous options are available: column, marking program via Windows, portable control box, start cycle and emergency stop.

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