Compact Multi-Function Data Logger has 2 GB on-board storage.

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Measuring 120 x 65 x 40 mm, 8-channel Mini ADAC Logger acquires variety of inputs including voltages, currents, and temperatures and converts pulses to counter/timer signals. It features 16 bit A/D with maximum rate of 100 S/sec per channel, standard voltages of 0-5 and 0-36 V, K type thermocouple inputs, and 0-40 mA current range. Suited for in-vehicle and field testing applications, logger operates on 6-40 V at temperatures from -40 to +70°C.

Original Press Release:

Compact Multi-Function Data Logger

Southfield, MI - HEM Data ( has introduced a new data logger. The Mini ADAC is the industry's smallest, multi-function data logger. The 8 channel logger acquires a variety of inputs including voltages, currents, temperatures, and converts pulses to counter/timer signals. Its small size means it is easy to install for in-vehicle testing and other field testing applications. The Mini ADAC Logger works well for a wide range of applications including performance, monitoring, R&D, and duty cycle measurements. Its on-board storage is a 2GB Micro SD card.

An optional companion product, the DAWN Mini Logger, acquires CAN (Controller Area Network) data from the in-vehicle network to acquire automotive OBD and Enhanced Diagnostic data, and the J1939 heavy duty protocol. Together the Mini ADAC Logger and DAWN Mini Logger simultaneously acquire analog and in-vehicle network data.

The Mini ADAC Logger's A/D is 16 bits with a maximum rate of 100 samples/sec per channel. The 8 channels are single-ended. The standard voltage ranges are 0-5V and 0-36V. Other voltage ranges can be ordered. Temperature inputs are K type thermocouples. Current range is 0-40mA. Each channel is configured independently. Up to two channels can be configured as counter/timers. An option is a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer.

A Windows user-interface allows easy configuration of the logger without any programming using flowcharts, tables and dialogs. The Windows software also provides the option to acquire and display real-time data on a PC and configures the stand-alone logger with the parameters to acquire. The software also displays the data as a post process. Computer interface options include USB, Wi-Fi, and an optional cellular modem with GPS.

The size is 120mm x 65mm x 40mm. Operating temperature is -40 to +70C. Operating voltage is 6 to 40V. Supply current is 30mA and power draw while sleeping is 5mA @ 12VDC. Input impedance is 100kohm. Four connectors handle two input signals. One connector is for power and another is for USB for a total of six connectors. It has a low power mode when shutdown and a 1 year warranty.

HEM Data

HEM Data Corporation was founded in 1986 to develop software for data acquisition and analysis. HEM Data's products include DAWN(TM) (Data Acquisition With Networks), Snap-Master(TM) (data acquisition with real-time & post analysis), and NOVA(TM) (Noise and Vibration Analyzer). Applications include: testing in vehicles, laboratory, field, and factory settings. HEM Data offers complete hardware and software solutions that work with a PC and as a stand-alone logger / flight recorder.

HEM Data Corp. conducts a seminar for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) entitled "Acquiring & Analyzing Data from Sensors and In-Vehicle Networks." This seminar covers the traditional way to acquire data directly from sensors and the newer alternative to acquire data directly from the in-vehicle network, which could have hundreds of parameters available without adding any sensors. If you want this seminar conducted at your location or tailored to your applications, please contact HEM Data at, or call (800 436-4330). Tutorials for acquiring in-vehicle network data using CAN and other protocols are covered in HEM Data's eNewsletters.

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