Compact Metal Halide Lamps feature up to 12,000 hr life.

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Offered in elliptical, single-/double-ended, and PAR types, ConstantColor®CMH(TM) lamps provide crisp, white, halogen-like light for applications where color and efficiency are essential. Products exhibit stable color and minimal lamp-to-lamp color variation throughout life, while 80+ CRI makes textures and colors take on true-to-life appearance. Suited for retail and accent lighting or ceiling fixtures, lamps feature 3-piece arc tube design that allows for 96% survival rate at 4,000 hr.

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CMH Lamps Provide Ultra-Efficient Display-Quality Lighting

GE Lighting's ConstantColor®CMH(TM) Lamps Provide Outstanding Light Quality and Excellent Color Rendering

GE Lighting introduces ConstantColor®CMH(TM) lamps -- the ultimate light source for applications where color and efficiency are essential. These lamps provide a crisp, white "halogen-like" light that results in dramatic accents and highlights, as well as offers excellent color rendering. Their long lamp life and high efficiency mean unlimited design possibilities for lighting designers and specifiers.

Ideal for retail and accent lighting as well as ceiling fixtures, CMH lamps have minimal lamp-to-lamp color variations and stable color throughout life. Exceptional color rendering (80+ CRI) makes textures and colors take on a true-to-life appearance. And, unlike many light sources that trade efficiency for color performance, GE ConstantColor CMH lamps are nearly five times more energy efficient than standard halogen lamps.

What makes GE CMH lamps unique is their new advanced three-piece arc tube design developed through rigorous design for Six Sigma processes. This design allows for a 96 percent survival rate at 4,000 hours, compared to competitive products that have a survival rate of 85 percent over the same time period. In addition, CMH lamps offer up to a 12,000-hour lamp life - five times longer than incandescent sources. This means lower lamp replacement and maintenance costs each year.

ConstantColor CMH lamps are available in Elliptical, Single- and Double-Ended, and PAR types to fit nearly every lighting application. Elliptical lamps are direct replacements for similar low-watt metal halide lamps in new and existing applications. Compact single- and double-ended lamps provide concentrated brightness and excellent optical control, making them the ideal light source for merchandising displays, dramatic accent and highlighting. Finally, CMH PAR lamps are nearly five times more efficient than standard halogen PAR lamps, and at a 10,000-hour lamp life, last more than three times longer. PAR lamps are perfect for display lighting, downlighting, lobbies, foyers, atriums and general spotlighting.

For more information regarding GE Lighting's ConstantColor CMH, or other products available through GE, please contact your local GE supplier; visit the GE Lighting Business to Business Web site at or call 1-800-GE-LAMPS.

One of the General Electric Company's major businesses, GE Lighting is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. A leader in lamp technology, manufacturing and marketing in the global lighting industry, GE Lighting has operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Today, the company manufactures approximately 7,000 various lamp products for commercial, industrial and consumer markets.

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