Compact, Heavy-Duty Casters handle loads up to 32,000 lb.

Press Release Summary:

SuperCompact series has kingpinless raceway design and is designed to mobilize heavy loads without sacrificing vertical clearance. With overall height of 6 in. and max capacity of 10,000 lb, SC85 is built around 85 series casters utilizing 3/8 in. thick formed leg construction and ½ in. thick mounting plate. Built on RWM Casters 125 series raceway, SC125 has 32,000 lb load capacity utilizing ½ in. thick reinforced legs and mounting plate with overall height of 6½ in.

Original Press Release:

New "SuperCompact" Casters Offer Super Capacities!

The Ultimate solution for demanding applications requiring super capacities in a compact package! RWM Casters Company of Gastonia North Carolina is pleased to present the latest in ultra heavy duty compact caster design, the SuperCompact. Ideal for enabling heavy machinery, tooling equipment, die molds, and home manufacturing modules to get the heaviest loads off the ground and mobile without sacrificing vertical clearance.

The SuperCompact is built around RWM's patented kingpinless raceway design and includes offset raceway technology to ensure load distribution throughout the entire raceway at the strongest possible contact points. The SC85 is built around RWM's 85 series kingpinless casters utilizing 3/8" thick formed leg construction along with a ½" thick mounting plate. The SC85 has an overall height of just 6 inches while handling up to 10,000 lbs., while the SC125 is built on the RWM Casters 125 series raceway enabling 32,000 lbs. load capacity utilizing ½" thick reinforced legs and mounting plate with an overall height of 6 ½ inches.

The SuperCompact series casters are available in six standard configurations. Custom caster solutions are available and all RWM kingpinless products including the SuperCompact Casters are produced in the USA. RWM Casters is dedicated to providing innovative material handling solutions throughout the industrial market and is poised to meet the demands of any sector with high quality, value added and innovative solutions. Information on RWM's SuperCompact Casters can be found at

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