Compact Fluid Sampling System offers telematics option.

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Available in Manual Control and Remote Communications versions, HY-TRAX® eliminates task of locating sampling port with adequate pressure and flow. Features include VSD pump and TestMate® Particle Counter (TCM) mounted on manifold block, adjustable pump speed, and ability to operate on mineral-based hydraulic fluids up to 350 cSt. System displays ISO contamination codes and optional saturation levels and can be powered with 24 Vdc or 120 Vac.

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HY-TRAX® Fluid Sampling System Compact Sampling System with Telematics Option

Leetsdale, PA — Schroeder Industries, a recognized leader in filtration and fluid conditioning products, introduces its new HY-TRAX® Fluid Sampling System.

Schroeder's new HY-TRAX® System is a compact fluid sampling system that includes a VSD pump and TestMate® Particle Counter (TCM) mounted on a small manifold block. The HY-TRAX® Sampling Systems eliminate the task of locating a sampling port with adequate pressure and flow. Pump speed is adjustable and the systems are designed to operate on mineral based hydraulic fluids up to 350 cSt. The HY-TRAX® system displays the ISO contamination codes and optional saturation levels.

Schroeder offers the system in two versions, a Manual Control version or a Remote Communications version. The Manual Control version allows the user to manually adjust pump speed to compensate for varying fluid viscosities. The HY-TRAX® Sampling Systems are designed to retrieve ISO cleanliness levels from a reservoir tank or a low pressure line (<50 psi). The compact design is ideal for installations on today's systems with tight space constraints. The unit can be powered with either 24 Volts DC or 120 Volts AC.

The Remote Communication version adds greater flexibility to the end user. The same VSD pump is automatically adjusted by the communication module to provide optimal flow to the TCM Particle Counter. The fluid sampling system collects data and the communications module transmits this data via GSM cellular communications, at two minute intervals. All data is transmitted through a secure VPN connection and is archived on a secure third level party server. The HY-TRAX® data is displayed on a custom dashboard with user selectable parameters. HY-TRAX® will even send alert emails when programmed thresholds are reached. This will provide maintenance mangers with the visibility and information to pro-actively schedule preventative maintenance on local and remote equipment.

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